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This position supports the District’s initiatives to develop academic programming, post-secondary education, District, and community partnerships that provide educational experiences for students through multi-faceted education and career exploration.  Working collaboratively with community and school stakeholders, the Assistant Principal works with the Principal:
• Supporting dynamic, innovative programming to align with student needs as well as current post-secondary demands and trends;
• Continuously monitor and be knowledgeable of current and future post-secondary vocational and academic programs, opportunities, demands/trends locally, regionally, and nationally;
• Monitoring and ensuring the behavioral expectations, curriculum and of instructional programs within the school, and recognizes the contributions of diverse groups and fosters success for all students regardless of gender, sex, and/or disability;
• Promoting and leading the use of technology in performance based instructional programs;
• Using data to analyze student attendance trends, truancy interventions, and to serve as a catalyst for, and benchmark of growth and continuous student engagement improvements. Assistant Principal is often the administrative representative for investigating incidents involving students and as such must balance the need for sensitivity, consideration of any public relation impact, and to be knowledgeable of and adhere to the applicable laws, policies, statues, and procedures.
• As assigned the AP oversees the school’s community outreach regarding safety and welfare including contact with students, parents, businesses, community agencies organizations and others. 

Leadership in this dynamic field requires an understanding of the philosophy of standards based education, the D51 Learning Model, the Teaching and Learning Model, for instructors and its effectiveness in the school.  Support is provided by the AP including:
• Assisting the implementation, monitoring effectiveness, and helping to grow the school’s adopted instructional programs;
• Collecting and analyzing student assessment or performance data for a variety of purposes including but not limited to meeting regulatory requirements, recommending changes or updates to curricula, and identifying staff Professional Learning needs; 
• Supporting efforts to develop student performance-based standards that are relevant and applicable to the D51 Learning Model and current environments;   
• Implementing agreed upon instructional and assessment strategies through collaboration, leadership teams, and assisting in planning Professional Learning.

• As a leader in the District, the Assistant Principal is charged with supporting a staff development program that recognizes:

  1. Student success as the primary focus;
  2. Applied principles of collaborative adult learning.
• Assistant Principal promotes and oversees that professional learning follows the District 51 Learning Model and is incorporated throughout classrooms and content areas according to the school plan. 
• As assigned the AP directly oversees the supervision of all school personnel in accordance with the District policies and applicable laws.  Supervising and evaluating teachers,     counselors and support staff is conducted in the framework of instructional program goals and expectations including a variety of human resources responsibilities but not limited to:
  1. Interviewing, hiring, training, promoting, planning, and assigning work, 
  2. Conducting performance evaluations, rewarding and disciplining employee conduct, 
  3. Addressing employee/student complaints and resolving problems.
*Assistant Principal will assume supervisory responsibilities as assigned by the Principal and in accordance with human resource management training and skills development.  

Assistant Principal provides operational support to the Principal as assigned.  Duties may include but are not limited to:
• Collaborating with a wide variety of stakeholders to develop the school’s annual master schedule;  
• Working with custodial and grounds staff, support personnel, teachers and others to implement the school-wide safety and emergency protocols;
• Creating partnerships with parents, guardians, community members, youth-based organizations and other stakeholders to provide support all students’ learning, development, and well-   being.;
• Coordinating a variety of school-based projects, events, and activities. 

Job Summary:
As a member of the instructional and building leadership, the Assistant Principal is responsible for increasing student achievement by supporting an aligned and coherent system that includes the District 51 Learning Model, and Instruction-Based standards and in accordance with Board of Education (BOE) policies.  The Assistant Principal is involved with many aspects of the assigned school’s management and oversight including curriculum delivery, programming effectiveness, and operational responsibilities. 

  • Master’s degree
  • Must have or be able to obtain valid Colorado Principal/Administrator license.
  • Minimum of three years of teaching experience in a classroom setting

Working Conditions:
207 Working day schedule
Salary range:  $84,156 - 106,918

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Mesa County Valley School District No. 51

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