JobID 231 : SOESD - Interpreter #1191 (#2001311)

Posted 25 days ago
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Base Salary
$16.30 - $19.52
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Position: Interpreter

The Southern Oregon Education Service District (SOESD) is seeking a dedicated and skilled interpreter to join our dynamic team. As an interpreter, you will be supported by highly trained educational interpreters and work towards developing a career of which you can be proud. This position will serve students ranging from Pre-K-12th grade who utilize a variety of communication modalities. Commitment to professionalism, growth and working as a dynamic educational team member, while carrying out your interpreting assignment is vital to the success of our program. As an interpreter, you will be responsible for preparing for classes, working toward ongoing professional goals, following the Code of Professional Conduct, informally assessing student language skills and working to ensure that the educational team operates cohesively via the sharing of information. Working for the SOESD will give the successful candidate a unique experience to change the lives of students. Applicants should understand the importance of positive relationships with students, professional colleagues, and the spirit of teamwork.  We are passionate about the importance of inclusion and believe in the power of education to transform lives. If you share these views and are dedicated to bringing positive outcomes for all young people, then this could be the perfect role for you.

Position Goal:      To provide access to education for students who are deaf and hard of hearing by facilitating communication. 

Essential Functions:

  1. Interpret/transliterate information accurately, conveying the thought, intent, and spirit of the sender in a manner appropriate to the students communication level.
  2. Instruct students in the correct use of an interpreter.
  3. Orient regular classroom teachers about the role of interpreters and suggested classroom adaptations.
  4. Adhere to all rules and protocol governing the confidential rights of all students.
  5. Develop and implement an individual ongoing program in professional growth to include fluency, vocabulary building (technical/general signs), and language skills, and participate in a skill development mentoring program
  6. Participate, upon request, in parent conferences and IEP meetings.
  7. Demonstrate an active participation in staff meetings and in-services.
  8. Attend conferences, workshops, and job-related training programs as requested.
  9. Interpret for students, parents, and/or professionals in conferences or other school-sponsored activities when sanctioned by supervisor.
  10. Maintain an interpreter log, when assigned, to be available to the PDHH teacher.
  11. Demonstrate both written and oral command of the English language including correct use of syntax and grammar.
  12. Demonstrate a functional comprehension of all subject matter.
  13. Provide tutorial support to deaf and hard of hearing students as assigned.      
  14. Act as a liaison between PDHH staff and mainstream staff, providing relevant feedback as to student progress.
  15. Assist in the professional development of other interpreters within the program through assigned mentorship duties.
  16. Participate in a daily preventative physical warm-up.
  17. Perform other duties appropriate to the assignment under direction of the PDHH teacher.
  18. Develop increasing proficiency in all essential function for Interpreter III prior to advancement to that level.
  19. Comply with local district and ESD rules and policies.
  20. Complete and document 12 hours of continuing professional development related to sign language interpretation each school year
  21. Perform physical requirements unaided or with the assistance of reasonable accommodation.

Minimum Prerequisites:               These requirements apply to individuals hired on or after July 1, 2008.
  1. High School diploma or GED.
  2. Score 3.5 or above on the EIPA Performance Assessment or hold RID NIC, CI or CT Certification and meet one of the following criteria:
           a.   Hold a Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree from an Interpreter Education Program or related field
            b.   Achieve a passing score on the EIPA Written test
  1. Certificate of Completion from an Interpreter Training Program or extensive background and experience with sign language including regular contacts with deaf children or adults.

Length of Position:        190 days - .938 FTE
Salary Range:                 $16.30 - $19.52 
Immediate Supervisor:  Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and PDHH Administrator

The following physical requirements are essential functions of the Interpreter job description.
1.   Stand/Walk:                  [ ] None              [ ] 1-4 Hrs/Day          [  ] 4-6 Hrs/Day    [X] 6-8 Hrs/Day
2.   Sit:                                [ ] None               [X ] 1-4 Hrs/Day       [  ] 4-6 Hrs/Day    [  ] 6-8 Hrs/Day
3.   Drive:                            [ ] None               [X] 1-4 Hrs/Day        [  ] 4-6 Hrs/Day    [  ] 6-8 Hrs/Day
4.   Bending:                        [ ] Frequently      [X ] Occasionally      [  ]  Limited          [  ] Not At All     
5.   Squat:                            [ ] Frequently      [X] Occasionally      [  ]  Limited          [  ] Not At All     
6.   Climb Stairs:                   [X] Frequently    [  ] Occasionally       [  ]  Limited         [  ] Not At All                 
7.   Single Grasping:            [X ] Frequently    [  ] Occasionally      [  ]  Limited          [  ] Not At All                 

8.   Pushing:                         [ ] Frequently      [  ] Occasionally      [X]  Limited          [  ] Not At All                 
9.   Pulling:                           [ ] Frequently      [  ] Occasionally     [X ]  Limited           [  ] Not At All                 
10. Fine Manipulation:          [X} Frequently    [  ] Occasionally     [  ]  Limited            [  ] Not At All     
11. Repetitive Foot Controls: [ ] Frequently     [  ] Occasionally     [ ]  Limited             [X ] Not At All  
12. Lifting (less than 25 lbs):  [ ] Frequently     [  ] Occasionally     [X ]  Limited          [  ] Not At All     
13. Lifting  ( 25 - 50 lbs):        [ ] Frequently     [  ] Occasionally     [  ]  Limited            [X] Not At All  
14. Lifting  (50 - 75 lbs):         [ ] Frequently      [  ] Occasionally     [  ]  Limited           [X] Not At All   
15. Lifting  (75 - 100 lbs):       [ ] Frequently      [  ] Occasionally     [  ]  Limited           [X ] Not At All