JobID 21263 : Anticipated Opening Educational Consultant - State Support Team Region 13 (#1989885)

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TITLE:        Anticipated Vancancy - Educational Consultant – State Support Team Region 13
QUALIFICATIONS:  Master’s degree or beyond in Education, Special Education, Curriculum and Instruction, and/or Educational Leadership (or related field) with emphasis in School Improvement; 
Valid Teaching License required; additional valid Administrative License or valid Supervisory License/Certificate preferred;
Previous teaching experience required;
District/Building Level Administrative Experience preferred;
Effective leadership and interpersonal skills;
Previous experience and demonstrated success in professional development, literacy, curriculum development and implementation, instruction, assessment, content area expertise, data analysis, program management and evaluation;
Post graduate work desirable.
SST personnel assigned to provide support to LEAs and parents funded by IDEA Part B funds, General Revenue funds (GRF) or other sources of funding provided for the purpose of the ODE Performance Agreement who are assigned to provide services to LEAs and families must meet the following qualifications: 

  1. Minimum qualifications for SST personnel are:
    1. A master’s degree in the area for which an employee has primary responsibility (i.e., leadership, special education, early childhood, education administration, literacy or appropriate related field or evidence of equivalency);
    2. Three to five years of successful classroom teaching, school improvement planning, special education administration or related experience; a license appropriate to the individual’s profession (special education administration, intervention specialist, early learning, age 3 to grade 3, related services);
    3. Expertise and/or significant leadership experience in several of the following areas:
      1. Working knowledge of or participation with a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) framework including PBIS
      2. Ability to identify and address systemic issues at a district or building level
      3. Knowledge of the state's educational infrastructure, including roles and functions of the State Support Team and the relationship to local education agencies
      4. Knowledge of continuous improvement processes and implementation science practice
      5. Ability to work with LEAs to understand local needs and identify and support improvement activities
      6. Ability to facilitate people through the systemic change process using foundational coaching skills in large and small group meetings
      7. Ability to use data to select and inform priorities, improvements, and decision making
      8. Ability to develop and meet timelines for completion of projects, tasks, and activities
      9. Ability to manage multiple projects and prioritize time for multiple projects
      10. Willingness to engage in continued professional learning to enhance individual skill set related to this position
      11. Ability to accept coaching supports and feedback from individual(s) assigned to support the position
      12. Effective oral and written communication skills, including presentation skills
      13. Have knowledge of best practices in literacy aligned with Ohio’s plan to improve literacy
 REPORTS TO:                         State Support Team Director
JOB SUMMARY:                   To coach, support, and collaborate with regional educational entities and local education agencies to build leadership capacity at all levels and to maximize learning for all students through alignment of professional capital. To develop plans, services and supports in systems/program design focused on gap closing; support for effective implementation of strategic plans including evidence-based practices and professional development for teachers and administrators in continuous improvement structures, and effective instruction, assessment, and intervention to positively impact student achievement.
  • Participate in team structures with other SST members to engage in ongoing monitoring and problem-solving around grant agreement priorities including continuous improvement, literacy, PBIS early learning and graduation practices inclusive of all students with a focus on students with disabilities.
  • Assist in collection, analysis, and monitoring of regional/district/building level data related to LEA improvement efforts to inform on-going planning
  • Facilitate communication using an agreed upon protocol between the SST and LEAs

  • Administration and scoring of fidelity assessments selected for MTSS Scale-up efforts (e.g., School-Wide PBIS Tiered Fidelity Inventory, Reading Tiered Fidelity Inventory)
  • Facilitate District Leadership Teams through a continuous improvement planning process that results in the selection, implementation and monitoring of evidence-based practices providing access to all students
  • Co-construct a partnership agreement with identified LEAs to operationalize coaching and technical assistance that best aligns with the needs of their organization
  • Provide high-quality professional learning to the region and District/Building Leadership Teams using approved materials.
    • Structuring the DLT/BLT for Success
    • Data Analysis for continuous improvement planning
    • Selection, Implementation and Monitoring of evidence-based practices
    • Communication and Barrier Removal
  • Facilitate LEA-level data review sessions to assist DLTs/BLTs in the analysis and use of adult implementation and student outcome data to inform refinements to their plans.
  • Coach Leadership and DLTs/BLTs using a continuum of Coaching Foundation skills including:
    • Observing and describing behavior
    • Providing rationales
    • Developing meaningful relationships and providing recognition
    • Raising and hearing concerns
    • Providing conceptual feedback
    • Strategies for addressing adaptive challenges (e.g., Nominal Group Process technique)
  • Collaborate and accept direction from individuals assigned to provide coaching support to further develop fluency in aspects of this job
  • Track coaching interactions and supports provided to support LEAs
Perform other tasks, as assigned by the Superintendent.
Shall be appointed to a limited 220 day contract.  Salary to be established by the Board
Performance will be evaluated in accordance with Board policy.