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  1. Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  2. Strong organizational skills required.
  3. Familiarity with the theatre environment and set-up.
  4. Effective problem-solving skills.
  5. Basic understanding of all technical demands of a production: lights, sound, props, set changes, make-up changes, and special effects.
  6. Firm, respectful, and calm demeanor with the ability to encourage and lead a large number of people to achieve a high standard of backstage discipline.
  7. Physical stamina necessary to perform in a fast-paced working environment required. 
  8. Must be able to climb, bend, twist, lift up to 40 lbs., and kneel.
REPORTS TO:  Production Manager
JOB GOAL:  The Stage Manager will work directly with the Director, Cast, and Production staff to effectively manage the technical and personnel elements of the production from inception to closing. 
  1. Attend all production meetings and support technical staff.  
  2. Read the script for each production several times.  
  3. Note set changes, lighting needs, special effects, sound needs, and any special rigging.
  4. Track costume and make-up changes, especially those that occur backstage.
  5. Plan the movements of set pieces, and the number of running crew required.
  6. With the set designer, plan and mark the layout of the set and rehearsal space.
  7. Assist with finding rehearsal furniture and props.
  8. Deliver a copy of the script to each crew head (lights, sounds, props, special effects, costumes, makeup).
  9. Arrange one tech rehearsal to check light and sound cues and levels.
  10. Schedule early calls for the costume parade with the director, the actors, and the Costume Designer.
  11. Confer with the Costume Designer on the need for rehearsal skirts, etc. 
  12. Create scheduling calls for the cast and update as necessary.
  13. Serve as the primary contact for cast members on issues raised, conferring with the Director when necessary.
  14. Create a rehearsal report after each rehearsal beginning with blocking rehearsals, noting needs in various departments i.e. costuming, set, lights etc.
  15. Coordinate the work of the stage crew.
  16. Call cues and entrances during performances, if needed.
  17. Call lines for cast members during rehearsals, as needed.
  18. Run music cues during rehearsals.
  19. Ensure rehearsal props and furnishings are available for actors at rehearsals
  20. Work with Technical Director to make smooth transitions between scenes with set changes and lighting.
  21. Assign dressing rooms for cast for Tech week.
  22. Attend all blocking rehearsals, run-throughs, Tech week, and Performances.
  23. Prepare Stage Manager script for the run of the play.
  1. Ensure that the backstage area is tidy, swept and damp-mopped if necessary.
  2. Sweep stage every night.
  3. Inform cast and crew of restricted access during the run.
  4. Maintain sign-in sheet to track attendance and follow up with absentees.
  5. Inform all crewmembers that they must wear black clothing, and good, sturdy quiet shoes.
  • Arrange a secure location for cast and crew members to store valuables.
  • Arrive at least 1½ hours prior to curtain, or earlier depending on the complexity of the show.
  • Advise actors to check props at least ½ hour before curtain.
  • Confirm that lighting and sound crew have done sound and lighting checks, and are ready at least ½ hour prior to curtain.
  • Verify that special effects are ready.
  • Confirm that masking, set pieces, and props are in the correct locations.  
  • Enforce “No Visitors” policy backstage and in the booth.  Relay messages, or deliver flowers to the dressing rooms as appropriate.
  • Give 30-minute call, 15-minute call, and “5 minutes to curtain” (or “Places!”) call, and request that actors acknowledge your calls.
  • Five minutes prior to curtain time, alert audience by light blinking.
  • Repair any damage to set pieces or props before exiting the theatre.
  • Attend the dismantling of the set and return of reusable items as appropriate (the “Strike”).
  • Advise all department heads of their responsibility for returning borrowed or rented items.
  • Clean all stage areas, place set pieces in storage areas, and sweep stage.
  • Clean light and sound booth, as well as dressing rooms, bathrooms and lobby.
  • Sweep scene shop and place refuse in the dumpster.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  Compensation will be based on the board-approved Oldham County Schools Arts Center Theatre salary schedule.  
Adopted:  July 23, 2018

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