JobID 1603 : Assistant Principal (Long Term Substitute January 2, 2020 to January 20, 2020) (#1979349)

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Montclair Public Schools
Montclair, New Jersey
Personnel Department
Title:                Assistant Principal
Qualifications: 1/  Must hold acceptable NJ Certification,  2/ Must possess strong communication, managerial and leadership skills,   3/  Demonstrated knowledge of effective principles of teaching and learning, 4/ Demonstrated ability to function effectively in a diverse school community, 5/ Demonstrated aptitude or competence for assigned responsibilities, 6/ Strong public relations skills,  7/ Ability to effectively motivate and evaluate staff and students,  8/ Ability to work as part of a highly functioning administrative team; 9/ Required criminal background check and proof of US citizenship or legal alien status;  10/ Ability to work on site during the hours required;  11/ Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable;          
Responsible to:     Building Principal or alternate designee.
Job Goal:         To use leadership, supervisory, and administrative skills in such a way that will assist the principal in coordinating all aspects of the school within the framework of Board policy in order to maximize the educational development of each student.      
Performance Responsibilities:  1/ Assists the principal in planing, organizing, scheduling,  directing and  evaluating all school activities , co-curricular activities and extra curricular activities,  2/ Assists in maintains an effective learning environment in the school,  3/  Assists with the school budget and school’s finances,  4/  Prepares or supervises the timely preparation of all assigned reports, records, lists and other paperwork appropriate for the school’s administration,  5/  Works with central administration on district programs such as transportation, basic, skills, special education,  and testing,  6/  Enforces all board policies, administrative directions and state laws/regulations,   7/  Keeps supervisors and school community informed of buildings events and activities,  8/  Maintains active and positive relationships with supervisors, students, staff, parents and the community, 9/  Assists in the development, revision, and evaluation of the curriculum,  10/  Establishes guidelines and maintains high standards for student conduct,  equitably and positively enforcing discipline as necessary according to the due process rights of students, 11/  Attends and participates in meetings, special events, school sponsored activities,  functions, and athletic events as required by the principal or demands of the position,   12/  Assists in planning and supervising required activities such as fire drills and emergency preparedness/safety compliance programs,  13/  Maintains and prepares inventories of school property and oversees the security of that property,  14/ Establishes and maintains relationships with local community groups and individuals to develop, foster and solicit  understanding and support for overall school objectives and programs, to interpret board policies and administrative directives;  and to discuss and resolve individual student problems,  15/   Supervise and evaluate designated certified and non-certified staff regarding their individual and group performance within the framework of the school program in accordance with board policy, administrative directive and state regulation and law,  16/  Assists with the continuous improvement of the instructional program within the school,  17/ Assists in the recruiting, screening, hiring, training, assigning, evaluation, and removal when needed of staff assigned to the school,  18/  Conducts meeting of staff, students and parents necessary for the proper running of the school making all groups aware of changes in policy or procedures when necessary,  19/  Assists in the mentoring and orientation of new staff members,   20/  Insures the safety and welfare of all pupils and staff,  21/  Aligns supervision with district standards and objectives,  22/  Uses the continued input from the total school community in personnel improvement efforts,  23/  Discusses and addresses individual student problems,  24/  Other duties as assigned or as related to the central job goal.
Terms:             10 or 12 month as contracted,  salary and benefits as per the MPA agreement.                       
Evaluation:      Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with the Board's policy on
evaluation of certified staff.
The Montclair Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
Established:         1973
Revised 7/1/88, 8/1/96, 7/1/97, 2008, 2011

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Montclair School District

22 Valley Rd., Montclair, NJ 07042
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State Average: 12.25

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State Average: 345