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The Downtown School, an independent 9-12 coeducational day school located near Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington is currently recruiting for an experienced, dynamic, and collaborative educator who is passionate about teaching humanities for the 2020-2021 school year.

Requirements and Qualifications
  1. Successful candidates will hold at least a bachelor's degree in English and/or history, with an advanced degree strongly preferred, and will have experience teaching English and history in a high-school or college setting.
  2. Experience with interdisciplinary study and/or teaching is considered an asset.
  3. Candidates should have a passion for helping students explore humanities through hands-on learning activities that have real-world applications.
  4. A willingness to collaborate and engage in dialogue with peers about instructional practices, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and an interest in taking on administrative leadership at a schoolwide level are essential. 
  5. Demonstrated cultural awareness, including knowledge of themselves and the cultural lenses they bring to interactions.
  6. An understanding of different perspectives, the ability to interact respectfully with cultures other than their own and the ability to cultivate meaningful relationships with people who have different cultural frameworks.  
  7. Candidates must satisfactorily complete two criminal background checks.

Our English program is focused on developing students’ writing and critical-thinking skills. Students learn to write analytical, personal, creative, and persuasive texts; and they develop a strong command of the English language through a study of grammar and vocabulary.  

Our courses are shaped by the concept of literature as a mirror, in which students engage in a process of self-discovery; as well as literature as a window, through which students can learn about the lives of others. Through studying a range of texts—from classical and contemporary to local and international—written by women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ writers, students learn to listen to, empathize with, and respect a variety of worldviews.

The history and social sciences program is committed to educating students who can fully participate as active citizens of the United States and the world. By combining deliberative, analytical inquiry with civic engagement, the program aims to help students become action-oriented scholars. Students move from focusing on the role and experience of the individual to investigate the networks, institutions, and systems that impact communities locally and globally. t. Students are challenged to explore Seattle and develop their identity as ethical citizens engaged with the community around them. Seniors are able to explore their own interests in history and social science through the Global Online Academy (GOA), where they learn alongside students and teachers from more than 60 of the best independent schools around the world. 

Over the course of four years, students will learn to: 

  1. Write and engage in discussion at a college level. 
  2. Read texts deeply and deliberately, learning to analyze formal qualities, authorial intent, and context.  
  3. Write with clarity, persuasion, and precision. 
  4. Approach both the texts they read and the world around them with a high level of cultural competence. 
  5. Collaborate with peers who hold differing viewpoints. 
  6. Cultivate empathy and habits of ethical decision-making.  
  7. Engage and participate in civic life as an active citizen. 
  8. Demonstrate curiosity, patience, and perseverance by taking intellectual risks.  
  9. Write analytically and persuasively. 
  10. Practice and hone public-speaking skills. 
  11. Learn from, participate in, and contribute to the diversity of human experience. 
  12. Investigate the ways of power.  
  13. Develop economic literacy.

Working At The Downtown School

The Downtown School: A Lakeside School is committed to sustaining a school in which individuals representing diverse cultures and experiences instruct one another in the meaning and value of community.  To learn more about working at The Downtown School, please visit our Careers page on the The Downtown School: A Lakeside School website. 

The Downtown School: A Lakeside School is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Diverse candidates are encouraged to apply.

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