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Must hold a certificate issued by Florida Department of Education.
The certificate must be in one of the following types: Professional Certificate, Temporary Certificate, Statement of Status of Eligibility.
The certificate position area must be in one of the following areas: Computers, Elementary Teacher, Success for All, Title I, Generalist/Integrated Curriculum, Gifted & Talented, Elementary, English, Fine Arts, Language Arts, Languages, Math, Music, Reading, Science, Social Science, Special Education.
The certificate must be in one of the following grades: Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th.
The certificate status must be active or about to graduate from a state-approved teacher preparation program.


Under the supervision of the Campus Director, the PYP Coordinator will perform administrative level functions for instructional professors of the school. The Curriculum Specialist is a vital contributor to curricular and whole school improvements by helping to determine which students, professors, supplemental services and teams will benefit from additional interventions.

This associate is responsible for the overall planning, designing, and development of course content and assessments. This associate will also analyze data using a problem-solving approach at organizational, school-wide, grade, classroom, subgroup and student levels to assist professors, administration, small groups, ESE and the child study team in planning and implementing instructional strategies and interventions that will differentiate on the basis of varying learning styles and skill levels. The associate will maintain regular contact with the DOE, IBO and other relevant agencies with regard to standards and other pertinent issues, disseminating information regarding relevant standards or policy changes. In addition, the associate will be responsible for professor evaluations and professional development.

In addition, the PYP Coordinator works closely with every position within the instructional service departments and other campuses. The PYP Coordinator will play a key role in enhancing student learning by supporting instructional effectiveness through facilitation of teacher collaboration; individual coaching; professional development planning, facilitation, and assessment of programs.


International Baccalaureate • Ensure that copies of IBO PYP publications are available to all staff. • Attend training workshops that have been approved by the IB Organization. • Circulate all relevant information received from the IBO. • Act as the liaison between the school and the IBO. • Ensure that all requirements of the IBO concerning the programme are met. • Publish articles pertaining to the programme in the school newsletter and on school website. • Provide outreach to the wider PYP community through discussion forums, e-mail, community meetings, school visits, etc. • Establish/maintain links with other PYP schools in the region. • Ensure Kid’s Community College® IB complies with the General regulations: Primary Years Programme and with the procedures set out in the most current PYP Coordinator’s handbook, which governs the administration of the PYP. • Ensure that the PYP Programme meets the requirements of the school’s charter. • Support professors and students in preparing for the PYP exhibition. • Prepare and submit documentation required for authorization and evaluation. • Assist in the MYP process and approval if/when necessary • Supports and ensures School Improvement Plan goals. • Facilitate the learning community activities to include goal setting, observing, coaching, modeling, conferencing, and staff development • Assist with the transfer of relevant data to appropriate community agencies. • Perform such other duties as the Campus Director may assign.

Curriculum Resource • Ensure that essential agreements are formulated for assessment and for all areas of learning. • Curriculum Development and integrating Kid’s Community College IDEP process, MIDAS Profile and Multiple Intelligences. • Best Practice Modeling - the professor’s classrooms will serve as a lab for utilizing best teaching practices and for demonstrating new pedagogical strategies and curriculum. • Ensure that Professors are appropriately completing lesson planning and preparation activities and that plans ensure attainment of Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards on grade level and beyond and fully integrate the IB programme of study. This will consist of random reviews and observations. • Assist in classroom observations and provide feedback. • Develop the planning of trans disciplinary themes each school year. Teaching through this method requires careful upfront and ongoing planning, giving consideration to NGSSS and/or CCSS, the curriculum and requirements of PYP and individual student ability and learning styles. • Through the six trans disciplinary themes, teachers and the PYP coordinator will develop units of study for each grade level through collaborative planning which will serve as the written curriculum. This mapping will be done prior to each school year. • Ensure that staff is made aware of professional development opportunities. • Identify professional development needs. • Lead the orientation of new professors into Kid’s Community College® and the PYP. • Reviewing student benchmark, achievement and progress monitoring data and ensuring appropriate services are being provided. • Assisting professors by setting goals for their professional development • Providing coaching and feedback. • Best Practice Modeling - This role includes several steps; pre-planning discussion with the professional development department or other professors, demonstration of lessons, professional learning communities and debriefing. • Ensures that team communicates effectively, both orally and in writing, at least weekly, activities in the classroom (academic, social and extracurricular) • Ensures that team updates Grade Reports regularly • Attend meetings of Child Study Team as required regarding student progress (academic, social, behavioral). • Ensures that team routinely keeps parents informed about their child’s academic progress. • Coordinate school-wide benchmark, summative and formative assessments. • Facilitate the learning community activities to include goal setting, observing, coaching, modeling, conferencing, and staff development • Perform such other duties as the Campus Director may assign. • Assist with the transfer of relevant data to appropriate community agencies.

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