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Position Areas
Instructional Support


Job Title:  Special Education Paraeducator

Purpose:  To improve the quality of the educational program offered to exceptional children.

Application Procedure:  Apply Online

Hours:  Maximum of 29 per week.

Wages:  Range from $8.30 to $12.35 per hour depending on college hours, experience and assignment.
Job Requirements: 

    A.    Evidence of good mental and physical health.
    B.    Correct articulation and language use.
    C.    Attend and meet criteria of required inservice(s).
    D.    Keep aware of paraeducators information sent in newsletters and memos.
    E.      Able to work in crowded, noisy environments.
    F.      May require some travel.       
    G.      Must implement directions from the professional.
    H.      Some lifting may be required. 
    I.    Able to accept supervision from the supervising teacher.
    A.    Carry out remedial or developmental activities as directed by the certified person.
    B.    Assist teachers and specialists in collection and preparation of instructional materials and equipment.
    C.    Work with (tutor) individual pupils.
    D.    Work with small groups.
    E.    Drill the entire class on follow-up or reinforcement activities.
    F.    Correct papers and check the work of students at the discretion of the instructor.
    G.    Measure and chart behavior for each target as directed by the supervisor.
    H.    Maintain a time log of activities, if necessary.
    I.    Assist with classroom housekeeping chores.
    J.    Prepare instructional aids, games, and bulletin boards at the discretion of the supervisor.
    K.    Perform various clerical duties within the classroom.  This may include data entry on computer.
    L.    Supervise students on buses and/or at dismissal and/or on field trips.
    M.    Supervise job training.
    N.    Assist in carrying out programs set up by support personnel (OT, PT, speech and Vocational)
    O.    Maintain good public relations with parents, supervisor and co-workers.
    P.    Any and other all duties as assigned by the supervisor(s.)

Selection Procedure:  We will contact you if we are interested in setting up an interview.

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