JV Baseball Coach

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DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:         The High School JV Baseball Coach will:

  1. Handing out equipment.
  2. Conditioning – running drills, agility drills, flexibility drills, and strength drills.
  3. Care of injuries occurring at practice and games.
  4. Pitching fundamentals – control drills, fast ball drills, curve ball drills and change of pace drills
  5. Pitching techniques – windup, stretch and pick off
  6. Pitching fielding – bunt, squeeze, and double play.
  7. Catching fundamentals – receiving drills (blocking low pitches, moving on wide pitches) throwing d rills (release, throwing to bases and strategy).
  8. Infield fundamentals – ground balls, fly balls, throwing, bunts, double plays, relays, cut-offs, squeeze plays.
  9. Outfield fundamentals ground balls, fly balls and throwing.
  10. Hitting fundamentals  - stance and swing.
  11. Bunting fundaments – body position, bat position and types of bunts.
  12. Base running fundamentals – lead-off, stealing bases, tagging up, and advancing.
  13. Game days – batting and infield practice and coach on base lines.
  14. Inventory of equipment.
  15. Making sure that each baseball player has Student-Parent form on file.
  16. Supervise team for all practices and games.
  17. Make sure outdoor facilities are secure after practice

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