Family Support Specialist/Administrative Assistant

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Position Areas
Non-Instructional Support


Family Support Specialist
Team Leader/Site Governance/Parent Volunteer/Social Services
(Full Time Position)

  1. Assume prime staff responsibility for fulfilling Head Start Performance Standards in order to maintain total compliance.
  2. Assume Computer Administrator duties with Director making sure reporting is entered correctly and in a timely fashion. Responsible for case management and goal entry.
  3. Assist in documentation year round for PIR
  4. Assist in yearly program self- assessment
  5. Participate in yearly review and update of Site Area Plans, Rules of Operation and Employee Handbook.
  6. Assist parents in planning activities which support and enhance the parental role as the primary influence and prime educators of their children.
  7. Assist parents in working with their own children with the cooperation of the Head Start staff.
  8. Provide recreational activities for parents which have been planned and developed by parents. Coordinate these plans with goal facilitator when the activity involves literacy or fatherhood initiative.
  9. Provide opportunities for direct involvement in program planning and operation, participation in classroom and other program activities as employees, volunteers and observers.
  10. Prepare a yearly parent training program along with other FSS addressing requirements stated in the Head Start performance standards or any subsequent regulation.
  11. Procure volunteer classroom assistance as required by federal guidelines to assure quality class performance and assist in the training of those volunteers.
  12. Prepare reports of trainings, activities, agendas and minutes of site meetings and parent committee meetings, and in kind donations for the Director’s monthly report due to Director the 1st of each month in session.
  13. Lead weekly FSS team meetings. Copies of agendas and minutes must be given to Director.
  14. Assist families in obtaining needed assistance during crisis situations.
  15. Provide information and referral services to all Head Start families as needed, and follow up in a timely manner to assure services have been received.
  16. Assist with home visits when necessary.
  17. Attend daytime and evening parent and family events.
  18. Lead site governance meetings and train parent committee members on Robert’s Rules of Order. Assist chair in running monthly meetings.
  19. Carry an active caseload of students who are assigned to you by the Director
  20. Attend all pertinent staff meetings to assure communication and coordination between all service areas of the Head Start Program.
  21. Perform other related duties to meet the needs of the organization as requested by the Director.
  22. Attend Professional Development as requested by Director.
  1. BA Degree in Human Services/Child and Family Services or related field.
  2. Experience working with families/preschool children.
  3. Must have thorough knowledge of computers.
  4. Must be self-directed, have good organizational/time management skills.
  5. Verbal and written communication skills are essential.

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