Elementary ELL Teacher - 1 Year Only

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English as a Second Language (EFL/ELL/ESL/ESOL)



  • Internal Transfer Not Available
  • 15 day Posting Deadline is 7/12/2019
  • 1 Year Only Contract

TITLE:  English Language Learner
  1. Holds a bachelor's or higher degree and the required Kentucky certificate for the assigned position
    Has demonstrated the ability to work effectively with students
  2. Has demonstrated the ability to communicate effectively with students, parents, staff, and community
REPORTS TO:   Chief Academic Officer/Deputy Superintendent
JOB GOAL:  To create a class environment favorable to learning and personal growth; to establish effective rapport with students; to motivate students to develop English language skills needed to achieve success in their new setting; and to establish good relationships with parents and other staff members.
  1. Meet and instruct assigned students in the location at the times designated using the Program of Studies, Core Content for Assessment and other school curricula, while utilizing best practices including LEP strategies and techniques
    Maintain an environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of the students
  2. Develop daily lesson plans and instructional materials and provide individualized or small group instruction in order to adapt and/or modify the curriculum to the needs of each student
    Translate lesson plans into learning that take full advantage of instructional time
  3. Establish and maintain standards of student behavior needed to create a functional learning atmosphere in the classroom and appropriate behavior in other school related activities as set forth by the Student Code of Conduct
    Evaluate student’s academic, language and social growth
  4. Maintain appropriate records and collaborate with classroom teachers to prepare progress reports
    Communicate with parents through report cards, notes, conferences and other means to discuss student's progress and interpret the LEP program
  5. Assess the learning needs of students on a regular basis
    Collaborate with teachers to assist them to adaptation, modification and differentiation of instruction
  6. Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities
    Safeguard student confidentiality
  7. Plan and supervise purposeful assignments for teacher aide(s) and volunteer(s)
    Select, requisition and maintain required inventory records of books and instructional materials
  8. Supervise students’ in-and-out-of-classroom activities during the assigned working day, as appropriate
    Maintain and improve professional competence by participating in, planning and implementing in-service education activities, taking college courses, developing special projects, etc
  9. Provide opportunities for the students to talk with the teacher before and/or after class
    Assist in developing and facilitating cultural diversity awareness activities
    Attend staff meetings and, as possible, serve on committees and participate in the sponsorship of pupil activities
    Maintain a professional awareness of current literature related to assignment, including working knowledge of state and federal law, Board policy and administrative regulationsPerform other duties consistent with the position assigned as may be requested by the supervisor TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:

  • Salary
  • 9 ¼ months
  • Board approved 11-8-0, Revised 9-11-08

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Boone County Schools

8330 US Highway 42 , Florence, KY 41042

At the following locations

Ockerman Elementary School

8250 US 42 , Florence, KY 41042

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Amount per Student


State Average: $10,394

% ELL Students


State Average: 3%

Student Teacher Ratio


State Average: 16.39

% IEP Students


State Average: 14%



State Average: 525