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1. Required State Certification in Library Science;
2. Other endorsements and/or qualifications determined necessary by the Board.
REPORTS TO: Principal(s) or Designee
GENERALSUPERVISOR: Director of Instruction
SUPERVISES: Library Assistant(s) – shared responsibility with Principal
JOB GOAL: To provide all students with an enriched library environment containing a wide variety and range of materials that will invite intellectual growth and to aid all students in acquiring the skills need to take full advantage of library resources.
1.  Operate and supervise the library to which assigned.
2.  Evaluate, select and requisition new library materials.
3.  Assist teachers in the selection of books and other instructional materials, and makes library materials available to supplement the instructional program.
4.  Provide technical training to employees on the use of audio-visual equipment and technology.
5.  Inform teachers and other staff members concerning new materials the library acquires.
6.  Maintain a comprehensive an efficient system for cataloging all library materials and instructs teachers and students on use of the system.
7.  Arrange for inter-library loan of materials of interest or use to the teacher.
8.  Work with teachers in planning those assignments likely to lead to extend use of library resources.
9.  Promote appropriate conduct of students using library facilities.
10.  Help students to develop habits of independent reference work and to develop skills in the use of reference materials in relation to planned assignments.
11.  Present and discuss materials with a class studying a particular topic, upon invitation of the teacher.
12.  Participate at curriculum/bilingual curriculum meetings, curriculum alignment, benchmarks, performance standards/assessments, implement EPSS and gather data in order to develop strategies for student improvement.
13.  Counsel with and give reading guidance to students who have special reading problems or unusual intellectual interests.
14.  Arrange frequently changing book-related displays and exhibits likely to interest the library’s patrons.
15.  Prepare and administer the library budget.
16.  Log all out-going long distance telephone calls and fax transmittals.
17.  Review and monitor telephone bills of assigned department and staff and compare with telephone logs for accountability.
18.  Supervise library aides in the performance of their duties.
19.  Communicate with parents bi-weekly, monthly or sooner as the need arises, through conferences and other means to discuss pupil’s progress, behavior and interpret the library program.
20.  Sort and discard obsolete and worn materials from the collections.
21.  Collect and receipt late charges and/or communicate with parents regarding cost of lost books.
22.  Complies with competencies for Librarians.
23.  Supervise the clerical routines necessary for the smooth operation of the library.
24.  Administer Group Standardized Test in accordance with district testing program.
25.  Assist with the LAS Testing and Scoring in both English and Spanish.
26.  Orders AR Reading Books and Tests for all the school sites.
27.  Attend board meetings at the request of the Superintendent or his/her authorized designee.
28.  Must be technology literate
29.  Perform other tasks as may be deemed appropriate and necessary by the supervisor(s).
TERM OF EMPLOYMENT: Term of Employment to be established by the
Board of Education on an annual basis through the adoption of the School District Calendar.
SALARY: Salary to be established by the Board of Education on an annual basis through the adoption of Salary Schedules.
EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s Policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.

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