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Founding Teacher in Residence

At KIPP Miami’s elementary school, we will strive to unleash the power, passion and wisdom within each student, so their light can shine brightly. Students’ light will make them the future citizens and equity leaders of our local and global communities. KIPPsters honor themselves, their families and their communities by critically questioning, innovating and solving the problems of tomorrow. Students believe in the “beautiful struggle” – the belief every challenge is a ray of opportunity. KIPPsters seek excellence, hope and joy in all that they do because they know education will give them the power, opportunities and freedom to change their world and their place within it and will light the path for others to do the same.

Here’s what you need to know: KIPP Miami Public Schools is seeking a team of co-teachers to start the first KIPP region since 2010. We are looking for dynamic teachers that are leaders both in their classroom and outside of their classroom, who love students, families and the community and who are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure their students learn and achieve.

As a fellow, also known as a co-teacher, you will be responsible for supporting lead teachers and working to put our students on a path to college. The teachers we are looking for will have experience working with kids and are willing to work hard for them. They will have the passion and drive to work with students and put them on a path to college.

Here’s what you’ll be doing: • Perform daily teaching tasks such as: conducting morning meetings, monitoring lunch, and any of the other things that make you awesome at your job • Be a good teammate – work closely with other teachers and team members to create a cohesive school culture of success and family • Work with small groups, individual students, and eventually whole classes for individual lessons • Receive individual coaching from a lead teacher and the new teacher coach • Update student performance trackers and rely on data to make decisions .

Why join KIPP? Great question! We’re really passionate about kids, fun and improvement. To find out more about why great teachers join, visit our website here.

Here’s what you’ll be doing: Joining our school as a founding teacher comes with a lot of growth opportunities, but with great power comes great responsibility. Here are a few for this position: • play a significant role on an entrepreneurial team • have a growth mindset about themselves and our students • are problem solvers and remain solutions-oriented in the face of uncertainty and adversity • are committed to actively caring for students, families and the community • have a relentless focus on results • believe all students can achieve at the highest academic levels • possess strong content knowledge and classroom management skills • teach an extended day and year schedule (7am – 5 pm, beginning in mid-July) • contribute to a relentless and dedicated team of outstanding professionals • communicate effectively with students, families and colleagues Additional Responsibilities • Be accessible by school cell phone for homework help and student emergencies beyond regular school hours • Coordinate and lead overnight field lessons both in and out of state to extend student learning • Participate in daily duties (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dismissal) to support school operations • Maintain accurate records, grade book, and data tracking systems • Assist with both student and staff recruitment

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