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  • Internal Transfer Deadline 6/21/2019
  • 15 Day Posting Deadline 6/26/2019

Job Description:
TITLE:   Elementary School Assistant Principal

  1. Holds, or is eligible for, a valid Kentucky certificate for elementary school principal
  2. Has at least three years of successful teaching experience
  3. Has demonstrated ability as an instructional leader, as a teacher or administrator
  4. Has demonstrated ability in the areas of school discipline, instruction, curriculum development and staff development
  5. Has demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with students, staff, parents, and community
REPORTS TO:   Principal
JOB GOAL:  To assist the principal in any way possible in promoting the educational well-being of each student in the school.
  1. Oversee attendance records and work closely with students, parents, teachers and Coordinator of Attendance Services to insure regular attendance on the part of each student
  2. Assist the principal in all matters of discipline within the school
  3. Keep records of all disciplinary actions and be thorough, fair and firm in maintaining proper student behavior
  4. Greet incoming new students and their parents, assign them a class, explain the school agenda, and generally orient them to the school
  5. Assist the principal in providing a complete daily schedule for each student
  6. Assist the principal in teaching assignments for each staff member
  7. Assist the principal in the supervision of the behavior and the instructional process of each classroom
  8. Assist in operating the bookstore and maintaining inventory. Oversee those persons who work in the store
  9. Assist the principal in providing adequate free textbooks and provide sufficient records to insure proper use of free texts
  10. Assist the principal in supervising extra-curricular activities conducted at the school and be responsible for the safety of the students and the security of the building at these events
  11. Arrange parent conferences pertinent to discipline, grades, etc., as deemed necessary
  12. Assist all substitute teachers in orientation to their assigned duty and assist the substitute in the event of any difficulty
  13. Assist with the teacher assessment process
  14. Perform other duties consistent with the position assigned as may be requested by the supervisor
  • Salary
  • 10 ¼ months
  • Board approved 12-8-94

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Boone County Schools

8330 US Highway 42 , Florence, KY 41042

At the following locations

Longbranch Elementary School

2805 Longbranch Road , Union, KY 41091

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Amount per Student


State Average: $10,394

% ELL Students


State Average: 3%

Student Teacher Ratio


State Average: 16.39

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State Average: 14%



State Average: 525