Substitute Food Service Worker

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Substitute Food Service Worker 

SALARY:                                          Commensurate with salary schedules

Job Title: Food Service Worker





Provide assistance for food service operations in the school district. Perform work in cooperation with all food service employees to maintain efficiency and cleanliness for entire cafeteria/food service operations.




  1. High school diploma or general education degree (GED).

  2. Must be able to operate a cash register, make change and be bondable.

  3. Valid Ohio driver's license.

  4. Such alternative to the above qualifications as the Superintendent and/or Board of Education may find appropriate.




  1. Report to work regularly and on time, prepared to perform appropriately assigned duties throughout the day, in service to students, staff, and the community.

  2. Prepare for and perform all assigned duties required by one’s job description in a positive and collaborative manner.

  3. Follow justifiable directives issued by the established chain of authority with a learning-oriented attitude and seek support when needed.

  4. Identify, report, and/or if possible control unsafe conditions or safety hazards in order to maintain safe and secure working and learning environments.

  5. Demonstrate professional respect and integrity when interacting with students, parents, staff, community members and other stakeholders.  This includes and is not limited to verbal, nonverbal, personal and electronic interactions.

  6. Comply with federal laws, state statutes, Board policies, and related administrative guidelines that prohibit coercive, harassing, threatening, retaliating, bullying or discriminating conduct.

  7. Communicate in a truthful, timely, compassionate, and empathetic manner about any matter of interest to the District following the appropriate chain of authority.

  8. Manage District property and assets in an ethical and responsible manner in accordance with federal laws, state statutes, Board policies, and related administrative guidelines.

  9. Maintain confidentiality of information as required under federal laws, state statutes, Board policies, and related administrative guidelines.

  10. Report actions, through the appropriate chain of authority that may represent violations of federal laws, state statutes, Board policies, and related administrative guidelines.

  11. Refrain from unethical activity that may reasonably interfere with the legitimate operational interests and goals of the District.

  12. Comply with all other federal laws, state statutes, Board policies, and related administrative guidelines.




  1. Prepare food, serve food, and clean cafeteria equipment/areas as assigned by the appropriate supervisor.

  2. Work cooperatively with all other food service employees.

  3. Observe rules, cleanliness and adhere to appropriate personal hygiene.

  4. Exercise care and safety in carrying out job duties.

  5. Perform specific duties as assigned by supervisors.

  6. Operate cash register as needed.

  7. Dispose of food in disposal unit and waste containers.

  8. Operate dishwashing machine.

  9. Clean up all spills.

  10. Clean all counters and tables both in the kitchen and cafeteria.

  11. Help prepare all food and move all food to serving counters.

  12. Move food and parcels to and from freezers, refrigerators and warming units.

  13. Adhere to rigid sanitary standards in work and attire.

  14. Assemble food for transfer to satellite schools.

  15. Maintain respect at all times for confidential information.

  16. Assist Head Cook in other related duties as requested/assigned.

  17. Perform other duties as assigned by Head Cook and appropriate supervisor.





1.      Ability to work effectively with others.

2.      Ability to communicate ideas and directives clearly and effectively both orally and in writing.

3.      Effective active listening skills.

4.      Organizational and problem solving skills.

5.      Ability to work quickly and efficiently during lunch periods.

6.      Training in the proper care and storage of chemicals.

7.      Able to assist food preparation in large quantities.

8.      Ability to read and understand verbal and written instructions, written warnings and labels.

9.      Ability to follow recipes.

10.    Knowledge of various cooking procedures.

11.    Ability to estimate the amount of food needed for one day’s menu.

12.    Baking and cooking skills.

13.    Basic math skills for preparing recipes proportional to lunch population and cashier responsibilities.

14.    Ability to work the following equipment:

      • convection oven/stove

      • food service equipment and materials

      • can opener

      • mixer

      • grinder

      • slicer

      • knives

      • microwave

      • food processor

      • dishwasher

      • steamers

      • tilt skillet

      • calculator

15.    Occasional exposure to blood, bodily fluids, and tissue.

16.    Occasional interaction with unruly children.

17.    Occasional requirement to travel, i.e., pick up food and/or materials.

18.    Occasional ability to work evenings, weekends, summers.

19.    Frequent requirement to sit, stand, walk, talk, hear, see (ability to see color), read, speak, reach, stretch with hands and arms, stoop.

20.    Frequent excessive standing during assigned workday.

21.    Frequent requirement to lift various foodstuffs up to a maximum of 50 pounds.

22.    Repetitive hand motion, e.g., cutting and grinding.

23.    Occasional overtime work will be requested and expected of the employee.

25.    Occasional requirement to crouch, kneel and climb.




This job has no direct supervisory responsibilities.  However, it may periodically supervise a certified occupational therapy assistant.




District Food Service Coordinator






Based on training and experience in accordance with the district salary schedule.



This job description is only to be interpreted as a basic guideline of your job responsibilities.  As a district we require employees to perform duties as assigned that may not appear on this job description.  District human resources will be required to follow the instructions and perform the duties required by their supervisor, appointing authority, or designee.

The information contained in this job description is for compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) and is not an exhaustive list of the duties performed for this position.  Additional duties are performed by the individuals currently holding this position and additional duties may be assigned.



Approved By:   Board of Education

Approved Date: 8/7/2018

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