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Bus Aide
Qualifications:             1. High School Diploma or equivalent
                                    2. Willingness and ability to assist handicapped students board and depart the bus
Reports to:                  Supervisor of Transportation
Job Status:                  Part-time, non-exempt position
Job Goal:                     Assisting special education students while they are being transported to and from school; and providing a consistent environment, discipline and guidance for the students while
they are on the bus.
Performance Responsibilities:

  • Assists Bus Driver in maintaining the interior cleanliness of the bus for the purpose of maintaining appearance, sanitation and safety of vehicle.
  • Assists in conducting emergency evacuation drills for the purpose of ensuring efficiency of procedures and complying with mandated requirements.
  • Assists students (e.g. tying shoes, hats, coats, personal hygiene, etc.) for the purpose of providing for their needs during transport, safe loading and unloading from buses including both emergency situations and normal transport.
  • Attends meetings (e.g. training, inservice, discipline meetings, conferences, etc.) for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform functions.
  • Communicates with parents, teachers, bus drivers or administration regarding behavior issues, activities, special pickup/drop-off schedules, etc. for the purpose of conveying and/or receiving information.
  • Informs students of bus safety and requirements for the purpose of enforcing rules and regulations and providing positive discipline and guidance for students.
  • Lifts students and/or equipment (e.g. bus lifts, wheel chairs, Q-straints, etc.) for the purpose of positioning or repositioning students as appropriate.
  • Monitors student behavior for the purpose of diffusing situations and/or preventing distraction to the driver or injury to themselves or other students/passengers.
  • Prepares written materials for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference and/or conveying information.
  • Reports observations and incidents (e.g. discipline, accidents, inappropriate social behavior, etc.) for the purpose of communicating information to appropriate personnel.
  • Responds to emergency situations for the purpose of addressing immediate safety concerns.
  • Secures students and/or equipment (e.g. wheelchairs, car seats, restraints, seat belts, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring the safety and welfare of students.
Other Functions
• Assists other personnel as may be required for the purpose of ensuring an efficient and effective work environment.
Job Requirements: Minimum Qualifications
Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
SKILLS are required to perform multiple, non-technical tasks using existing skills. Specific skills required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: adhering to safety practices; and utilizing restraints and assistive equipment.
KNOWLEDGE is required to understand written procedures, write routine documents, and speak clearly; and understand complex, multi-step written and oral instructions. Specific knowledge required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job includes: safety practices and procedures; and approved procedures/techniques involved in supervising students.
ABILITY is required to use job-related equipment. Flexibility is required to work with others in a wide variety of circumstances; and operate equipment using standardized methods. Problem solving with data requires following prescribed guidelines; and problem solving with equipment is moderate. Specific abilities required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: maintaining confidentiality; being flexible; communicating with children with diverse disabilities; developing relationships with students; and demonstrating and/or modeling appropriate behavior.
Responsibilities include: working under limited supervision following standardized practices and/or methods; providing information and/or advising others; and operating within a defined budget. There is a continual opportunity to impact the Organization’s services.
The usual and customary methods of performing the job's functions require the following physical demands: significant lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling; significant climbing and balancing; some stooping, kneeling, crouching, and/or crawling; and significant fine finger dexterity. Generally the job requires 70% sitting, 15% walking, and 15% standing.
Working Environment
The job is performed under minimal temperature variations and some hazardous conditions.
Education                                                                   Experience
High School diploma or equivalent.                            No job related experience is required.
Required Testing Certificates & Licenses                 Continuing Educ. / Training
CPR/First Aid Certificate                                             None Specified
Bus Driver’s Certificate
Evidence of Insurability                                              Clearances
Alcohol and Drug Test                                                Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background Clearance

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