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The Vermilion Association for Special Education is seeking a full-time Transition Specialist for the 2019-2020 school year (permanent).  The primary role of the Transition Specialist is to provides services for special education students ages 14 ½ – 21 to assist in effective post-secondary transition, including work-based learning opportunities, job training and support services, provide consultation to member districts and to post-secondary service providers. ISBE Professional Educator License with Vocational Coordinator Endorsement  or LBSII Endorsement Required.

A successful applicant will:
1.  Centrally coordinate and oversee transition services for the VASE member districts

a.  Keep current on transition-related issues, including local, state and federal rules and regulations
b.  Provide consultation on transition-related issues, including transition driven IEPs, transition and vocational assessments, and vocational curriculum
c.  Provide teachers and students access and materials for transition assessments, including career inventories, for students with special needs ages 14 and up. 
d.  Assist in conducting and/or interpreting formal and informal career and vocational assessments
e.  Assist in interpreting results of career and vocational assessment for individuals, families, and professionals
f.  Communicate to administrators, special education teachers, parents, and students about post-secondary resources and access to such services
g.  Assist teachers in completing transition plan components of IEP
h.  Assist teachers in linking appropriate academic content to transition-related goals.
i.   Identify and facilitate appropriate modifications within work, residential, vocational training, and other community environments.
j.  Assist in program evaluation processes to determine program effectiveness
k.   Actively participate in local committees focused on transition
l.   Assist in coordinating the IEP Annual Reviews for graduating seniors
m.  Assist in compilation of data for State Performance Plan Indicator 13 and 14
n.   Create documents, forms, and other resource materials on transition services for use by teachers, parents, and students
2.  Provide services to students enrolled in the STEP program for the VASE member districts
a.  Provide job development, placement services, skill development, and job retention services based upon individual student interests, abilities, and available work site opportunities.
b.  Provide oversight and problem-solving activities for on-the-job training
c.  Assist and advise employers, job coaches, special education teachers, teachers, parents, and students on effective strategies to enhance the work site learning
d.  Participate in IEP meetings for students enrolled in the STEP Program
e.  Complete relevant sections of IEP services page related to individual’s participation in STEP
f.  Train, supervise, and evaluate job coaching activities
g.  Coordinate work-site learning opportunities with school schedules, regulations, and transportation as needed
h.  Complete and maintain referral packets, work site approval forms, training, agreements, training objectives, and training evaluation instruments
i.  Coordinate the evaluation of the student’s on-the-job performance and learning in conjunction with the work-site supervisor
j.  Maintain records on students’ work-site attendance, performance, and achievement of competencies
k.  Effectively communicate with employers, school personnel, and parents regarding the individual students needs and achievements
3.  Centrally coordinate and oversee STEP services for all county high schools
a.  Maintain effective lines of communication regarding program requirements with school personnel, students, parents, employers, DHS/DRS, and the business and industry community
b.  Maintain and process required data and forms for accurate reports to DRS and VASE in a timely manner to include monthly, quarterly, and biannual report
c.  Monitor placements for compliance with appropriate laws and regulations
4.   Perform other pertinent duties as assigned by Director.

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