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TITLE:   Principal
  1. Holds, or is eligible for, a valid Kentucky certificate for principal
  2. Has at least three years of successful teaching experience
  3. Has demonstrated ability as an instructional leader, as a teacher or administrator
  4. Has demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with students, staff, parents and community
REPORTS TO:  Superintendent
JOB GOAL:   Promote the educational well-being of each student in the school and assume responsibility for the organization, administration and supervision within his/her building.
  1. Be responsible for curriculum development in the school
  2. Supervise the keeping of all records, the preparation of reports, and the clerical and custodial employees; make requisitions for purchase of supplies; and make recommendations to the Superintendent for maintenance, repair, and improvement of the building(s), equipment, and grounds
  3. Continuously and completely inform the Superintendent as to the condition of the school and its activities
  4. Lead the faculty, students, and community in a cooperative and continuous effort to adapt the school program to the needs of the pupils and of the community served by the school
  5. Devote the maximum amount of time possible directly to the continuous improvement of instruction
  6. Further implement a program for improvement of instruction by effectively assigning all personnel; effectively utilizing the school plan and community resources; and helping the total staff to encourage and stimulate lay participation in the cooperative planning of such a program
  7. Maintain good public relations and utilize community resources to enrich the learning program
  8. Supervise bus and automobile traffic on the school grounds
  9. Assure the security of the school building and the equipment
  10. Engage in a continuous self-improvement program to keep abreast of modern trends and practices and the research developing in educational administration and general education. This may be accomplished through visiting other skills during the year, in or out of state, which are comparable in size, and attending meetings sponsored by the State Department of Education which pertain to the principal position
  11. Confer with the Superintendent concerning the recommendations of personnel for election or re-election in the school, and shall be responsible for the assignment of the teaching staff within his building
  12. Manage all public funds handled in the school
  13. Be responsible for the classification, promotion, or retention of students within the building
  14. Appraise and evaluate the instructional program
  15. View supervision as a cooperative process involving classroom teachers
  16. Oversee the attendance, conduct, and health of the pupils
  17. Order supplies, textbooks, equipment, and all materials necessary to the operation of the school
  18. Plan fire drills oversee school sponsored activities, including athletics; lead teachers meetings; oversee school exhibits, school cafeteria, summer school and evening activities in the building
  19. Organize the lunchroom and noon hour in the best interest of the students
  20. Keep all records required by state laws and by the Superintendent and/or the Board of Education
  21. Make recommendations concerning transfers, promotions, demotions, and dismissal of all personnel under his/her supervision
  22. Interview all prospective teachers who will be assigned under his/her supervision and make suggestions and recommendations about the applicants
  23. Perform other duties consistent with the position assigned as may be requested by the supervisor
  • Salary
  • 12 Months
  • Board approved 3-23-92

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