Middle School Counselor

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$43,500.00 - $60,000.00
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Must hold a certificate issued by Florida Department of Education.
The certificate must be in one of the following types: Professional Certificate, Statement of Status of Eligibility.
The certificate position area must be in Counselor/Guidance.
The certificate must be in one of the following grades: 6th, 7th, 8th.
The certificate status must be active.


YMCA SKY Academy School Counselor

Reports to: School Principal Status: Full Time - Exempt

The school counselor will develop and lead the Englewood SKY Academies counseling department which is committed to the ongoing development and well being of its students, teachers and staff. The school counselor is accountable for:

PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: (1) Provide assistance to students through testing and interpretation. (2) Provide assistance to students in class selection and schedules. (3) Provide personal counseling to students. (4) Provide group counseling when need arises. (5) Assist students who are experiencing attendance problems. (6) Assist in accurate recording and proper maintenance of student records. (7) Participate in workshops for personal and professional growth. (8) Assist in evaluating the guidance program. (9) Provide orientation of new students to the school. (10) Impart crises intervention skills when need arises. (11) Assist students with special needs according to IEP and 504 guidelines. (12) Assist with the development and implementation of students IEP and 504 plans. (13) Ensure IEP and 504 paperwork is accurate and meets state and local guidelines. (14) Assist teachers with intervention and recommendations. (15) Assist in selecting a variety of materials for counseling program. (16) Exercise confidentiality in sharing test results and other student information. (17) Recognize and appreciate the cultural differences and special needs of students and families. (18) Recognize indicators of student distress or abuse and take appropriate steps. (19) Serve as a member of the school leadership team. (20) Serve as a member of the SWST team. (21) Serve as an advocate for students. (22) Maintain professional and ethical standards as outlined by Code of Ethics and American School Counselor Association. (23) Keep updated on student / school legal issues and procedures. (24) Demonstrate initiative in the performance of assigned responsibilities. (25) Provide for a safe and secure workplace. (26) Follow attendance, punctuality and proper dress rules. (27) Maintain positive relationships with staff and vendors. (28) Participate in workshops and training sessions as required. (29) Communicate effectively with staff and vendors. (30) Keep supervisor informed of potential problems or unusual events. (31) Respond to inquiries and concerns in a timely manner. (32) Prepare all required reports and maintain all appropriate records. (33) Follow all School Board and SKY Academy policies, rules and regulations. (34) Exhibit interpersonal skills to work as an effective team member. (35) Demonstrate support for the SKY Academy and its goals and priorities. (36) Perform other incidental tasks consistent with the goals and objectives of this position.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Light Work: Exerting up to 20 pounds of force occasionally and/or up to 10 pounds of force as frequently as needed to move objects.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Salary and benefits shall be paid consistent with SKY Academy's approved compensation plan. Length of the work year and hours of employment shall be those established by SKY Academy and the YMCA.

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the SKY Academy policy on evaluation of personnel.