Teacher Assistant - Special Education (#15127)

Posted 10 months ago

The Teaching Assistant reports directly to the Principal. This position provides assistance to teachers in the daily management and instruction of the students. The assistant is responsible for performing a variety of tasks in order to help facilitate the daily classroom instruction and activities. The assistant closely monitors the needs of the students including basic personal needs, safety, physical help, and observation, and reporting of student behavior.


1. Demonstrates the ability to organize, utilize and/or create materials for student instruction. 2. Is resourceful and creative when assisting the teacher in student programming. 3. Assist teacher in the daily schedule by adhering to classroom and program procedures. 4. Assists in the delivery of the instructional program. 5. Accurately completes assigned tasks in a timely manner. 6. Complies with requests of the teacher/teaching team. 7. Takes care of equipment and supplies. 8. Actively participates in the instruction of students. 9. Shows initiative in performing duties. 10. Willing to transport students in own vehicle as safety dictates. 11. Demonstrates professional working relationship with teacher/teaching team. 12. Interacts in a professional manner with students. 13. Exhibits ability to work with individuals and small groups. 14. Maintains professional relationships. 15. Is a positive role model. 16. Complies with program/site health and safety procedures. 17. Inform appropriate staff of student health/safety concerns. 18. Reports to work at designated time. 19. Complies with SECEP attendance requirements. 20. Accepts constructive criticism and initiates appropriate changes. 21. Adheres to SECEP/site rules and regulations. 22. Uses discretion in confidential matters. 23. Attends required meetings regularly and promptly. 24. Employs appropriate conflict resolution strategies. 25. Submits completed documents on time. 26. Complies with dress code. 27. Exhibits flexibility in performing duties. 28. Follows program procedures in crisis situations. 29. Models moral and ethical standards as well as personal integrity in all interactions. 30. Performs related work as required