Head Varsity Girl's Volleyball Coach

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Position Areas


Head Varsity Girl's Volleyball Coach
Supervises all aspects of the sport in which the coach works including, but not limited to athletes, student staff & assistant coaches; Will carry out the goals and objectives of the Lawrence Central High School Athletic Department & Volleyball Program.

General Responsibilities
Have a thorough understanding of the policies, rules, regulations and philosophies of the administration, athletic department, school corporation, IHSAA, and the National Federation. Support and enforce said policies, rules, regulations and philosophies in spirit as well as practice. Constructively work toward positive changes in those rules and policies which would be in the best interest of our student athletes.
Be aware of and attend meetings appropriate to the sport and job responsibilities. These meetings include but are not limited to rule interpretation meetings, athletic department meetings, awards banquets and programs, scholar athlete presentations, workshops and clinics, select school board meetings, meetings of feeder programs, etc.
Understand the administrative chain of command and work through the proper channels when making requests or voicing concerns or grievances.
Work to stay abreast of new innovations in the sport. Maintain a sound philosophy and practical approach to working with student athletes. Constantly seek to improve as a coach. Provide motivation to other coaches within the staff.
Organize practice sessions and teach rules, techniques, and fundamentals of the sport. Use time, equipment and personnel wisely.
Provide appropriate supervision at all times.
Provide guidance to student staff members. Define responsibilities to all student staff and supervise their participation.
Take an active role in providing leadership to students in areas of conduct and values. Teach and demonstrate high moral conduct, respect for the individual and the use of proper language. Work with the Athletic Director in the discipline of individuals who breach the standards that are set.
Be a motivator. Balance positive encouragement with constructive criticism. Demonstrate a mature enthusiasm.
Encourage athletes to participate in other sports and extra-curricular activities. Demonstrate your support of these pursuits by your attendance at these functions.
Conduct a pre-season meeting with team members to review the Athletic Department policies and training rules.
Provide constant attention to the student’s academic progress and conduct.
Determine team discipline, delineate procedures concerning due process when enforcement of discipline is necessary and communicate with parents when disciplinary action is taken.
Assist student athletes in post high school educational selections.
Establish the lettering policy and identify all award winners to the Athletic Director in a timely fashion.
Prepare and submit student nominations for appropriate honors, awards and scholarships.
Administrative Duties
Assist Athletic Director in checking eligibility of athletes.
Assist Athletic Director in the development of the schedule.
Assist the Athletic Director in the necessary preparation to conduct practices, competitions and special events.
Coordinate program with other programs, maintenance staff, custodial staff and others appropriate to the sport.
Work with the Athletic Director and all others appropriate to the sport in scheduling facilities.
Assist in the process of administering athletic physical examinations given at the school.
Provide documentation to fulfill requirements concerning physical examinations, parental consent and eligibility.
Complete in a timely and accurate manner all paperwork required by the IHSAA.
Forbid participation to anyone without a completed current physical and parental consent form.
Maintain accurate records and results of all athletic contests and submit those records to the athletic department during the course of the season.
Participate in the selection of assistant coaches.
Assist the Athletic Director in the evaluation and scheduling of officials.
Assist the Athletic Director in the securing of individuals to assist with game administration (IE: announcers, score keepers, statisticians, etc.).
Assist the Athletic Director in scheduling transportation and advise on travel arrangements.
Develop an emergency plan for your sport and conduct a yearly risk management audit of facilities and equipment.
Work with other staff members and coaches outside your sport in resolving conflicts with other school activities.
Maintain current and accurate rosters, including student staff members at all times throughout the season.
Advise the Athletic Director and recommend policy, methodology or procedural changes when appropriate.
Provide practice and competition schedules for parents and players. Make every effort to adhere to stated schedules.
Provide the Athletic Director with all written communications sent to athletes and parents.
Provide the Athletic Director with information about program to distribute to interested incoming students and parents.
Complete all paperwork on disabling injuries and submit to Athletic Director and Athletic Training Staff in a timely manner.

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Contact Information
Mr. Ryan Banas, Interim Athletic Director
Phone – 317-964-7597

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