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1. B.A./B.S. and a valid Teaching Certificate with an academic major in librarian media in lieu of a minor.
2. Other alternatives to the above qualifications as the School Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

REPORTS TO: Principal


1. To aid students and teachers to become effective and discriminating users of library resources through the development of appropriate skills.
2. To stimulate and guide students and teachers in using print and non-print materials so that their appreciation and critical judgments are increased.
3. To help develop responsible, caring attitudes toward the total library community and environment.
4. To provide materials which support the curriculum and individual students in a broad range of interests and levels of skill.
5. To facilitate the storage and retrieval of materials through the use of efficient cataloging and technical processing.
6. To maintain workable, attractive physical facilities which are readily available to all students and teachers.


1. Plan library quarters and select and arrange library furniture and equipment.
2. Evaluate the library program, services, and materials in terms of adequacy to curricular needs, student needs, community needs, and state and national standards.
3. Prepare and administer the library budget.
4. Prepare statistical, financial, and progress reports on library programs and services.
5. Schedule, train, and supervise clerical staff.
6. Organize and supervise the circulation of library materials.
7. Publicize the services, resources, and new acquisitions of the library.
8. Schedule the use of the library by classes and groups.
9. Cooperate with school and community organizations.
10. Participate actively in library and other educational and professional associations.
11. Be conversant with all aspects of the educational program:  courses of study, textbooks, manuals, workbooks, resource units, teacher-made study guides and plans, and pilot projects.
12. Instruct pupils and faculty in the use of the card catalog, indexes, reference tools and in the use of media and related audio-visual equipment.
13. Actively plan with individual teachers and groups of teachers to integrate library service, guidance, and multimedia materials with the classroom teaching program.
14. Provide library service, reader guidance, and resources which will individualize learning.
15. Share with classroom teachers the responsibility for designing and implementing a functional study skills program.
16. Participate in classroom planning, reporting, and culminating activities to build the librarian's knowledge of class needs, interests and abilities.
17. Participate in curriculum study and revision.
18. Participate in departmental, faculty, and department chairmen meetings.
19. Be conversant with current educational research, trends, methods, and materials.
20. Provide materials for the professional growth of the faculty.
21. Performs other related duties as assigned by Principal.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Salary and work year to be established by the Board of Trustees.

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions of the Board's policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.


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Amount per Student


State Average: $9,093

% ELL Students

State Average: 2%

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State Average: 15.14

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State Average: 14%



State Average: 429