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Dr. Jorge Alvarez HS

Job Description

(Contingent upon funding) - CBH position - full-time permanent teaching position beginning at the start of the 2019/20 school year.

Resume and cover letter required.

Under direction of the school principal and under the general direction of the Chief Academic Officer and/or appropriate supervisor/ Administrator, this position will have the overall responsibility for providing instructional and organizational leadership to support teachers in the specified core content area at the assigned middle/high school.  A Departmental Teacher-Leader in the Providence School system plays a critical role in improvement efforts and demonstrates an enhanced sense of professionalism.  A teacher-leader has well developed content knowledge, a well developed understanding of standards based curriculum, knowledge of current research related to the content area and research-based strategies related to the implementation of effective teaching practices

Additionally Departmental Teacher Leader will:

  • Possess the ability to lead onsite and district level professional development in core content area instruction, is a leader in the development of the core curriculum, and demonstrates evidence of the ability to provide collegial support for improving teacher practice and student performance
Roles & Responsibilities
 Collaborate with school and district level staff to continuously improve instruction and achievement in the core content area by:
  • Participating in District Content area PLC curriculum design, development and implementation as appropriate
  • Maintaining a model classroom (as allowed by classroom space allocations)
  • Serving as coach to department members utilizing the PPSD cognitive coaching model
Collaborate with building administration and colleagues in developing and sustaining a professional learning community by:
  • Facilitating collaborative planning time with departmental colleagues
  • Designing, developing, participating and facilitating district and school level professional development related to subject area content and curriculum
  • Serving on the school-based interview team as appropriate
  • Serving as a liaison between the department teachers and the principal and between the school level and central level administration (content area supervisors)
  • Supporting the enactment of the school wide problem of practice, school improvement plan, and communicating this work for the department through the ILT
Continue to increase content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge and leadership skills by:
  • Attending meetings and professional development related to content, pedagogy, and leadership as appropriate and/or as directed by administration
  • Engaging in activities related to sharing expertise in content and pedagogical knowledge including active membership on the district wide curriculum writing team for the content area
 Manage the operational/organization needs of the department by:
  • Planning and facilitating departmental meetings which use relevant data to inform teaching and learning.
  • Ordering, tracking inventory and distributing materials (supplies, tools, books, and equipment) directly connected with the operation of the department
  • Providing necessary information to building leadership to support the budgeting process
  • Working to orient new and substitute teachers to department procedures
  • Serving as a contact person for departmental communication (ex. notification of learning opportunities, etc.
  • Model teaching a variety of course offerings within a department.
*Duties are expected to be performed during the designated departmental teacher-leader associated time periods (equivalent to 1 period/1 block per day).

Salary Rate Range
Teacher Salary Scale + Stipend 
RIDE Requirements
Sec. Math 
Minimum Qualifications
  • BA in applicable field from accredited college or university
  • Master’s degree in the content area or curriculum and instruction (Preferred)
  • Five (5) years successful teaching experience in an urban school district (Preferred)
  • Previous participation in core-curriculum development work (Preferred)
  • Demonstrated knowledge of content area standards and research-based teaching practices
  • Demonstrated ability to provide instructional leadership for the purpose of enabling teachers to improve their instructional practice
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with colleagues, administrators, and parent/community members
  • Demonstrated communication and group facilitation skills
  • Demonstrated ability to design and deliver professional development
  • Knowledge of adult learning theory
  • You must complete the new hire compliance training prior to your first day of employment

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