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  1. All instructional personnel shall be certified and licensed in accordance with state law and the regulations of the Mississippi Department of Education. Such licensure and transcripts of credits shall be on file in the office of the Superintendent of Education.
  2. In accordance with Mississippi Code S37-9-17, all personnel employed by the public-school system shall be required to pass a criminal background check and a current child abuse registry check.
  3. A satisfactory employment record.

SUPERVISES: Students, Teacher Assistants and Behavior Facilitator
REPORTS TO   Building Principal, Assistant Principal, and Special Services Director.  

To work closely with students with disabilities on a regular basis in an effort to provide them with the physical and emotional support they need to gain the full benefits from the special education program.

Such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned, including but not limited to:
  1. INSTRUCTION AND ASSESSMENT- The teacher will deliver the instructional program in an organized and effective manner by:
    • Providing quality work that engages students in learning.
    • Knowing how to reach the subject(s) to students.
    • Recognizing and responding appropriately to individual differences in students.
    • Differentiating instruction for a variety of developmental stages and ability levels.
    • Implementing adopted curriculum subject matter standards and assessment instruments to meet school and district goals.
    • Planning lessons in logical sequence.
    • Demonstrating knowledge of the subjects to be taught and the relationship to other subjects.
    • Reflecting on teaching and devising ways of improving performance on an ongoing basis.
    • Collaborating with other educators to create the most complete educational environment possible for students.
    • Continuously using a variety of assessment techniques and/or models to evaluate student performance.
    • Using results of ongoing assessment to improve instruction.
    • Assuming responsibility for all students to ensure adequate yearly progress as determined by local, state and federal standards.
    • Participating in the referral-to-placement process for students being referred for Child Study.
    • Utilizing technology in the teaching and learning process.
  2. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT- The teacher will exhibit effective classroom management skills by:
    • Providing a physical environment that is safe, orderly, hazard free and conducive to learning.
    • Consistently implementing approved disciplinary measures to allow for effective instruction and classroom management.
    • Attending yearly restraint training classes provided by school district.
    • Be physically capable of straining students in the event of a crisis situation.
  3. COMMUNICATION- The teacher will exhibit effective communication skills by:
    • Relating to parents and other community members, individual and corporate, in a positive and helpful fashion.
    • Writing, speaking, and presenting in a clear, concise, and well-planned manner.
  4. PROFFESIONAL DEVELOPMENT- The teacher will exhibit professional growth by:
    • Participating in self-initiated and school/district initiated professional growth in order to maintain licensure and support school improvement efforts.
  5. POLICIES AND PROCEDURES- The teacher will comply with district and school policies by:
    • Adhering to policies and procedures established by district, state and federal guidelines.
    • Submitting required paperwork efficiently, promptly and accurately while meeting required deadlines.
    • Inventorying classroom materials, textbooks and equipment.
  6. OTHER DUTIES- The teacher will carry out all other assigned duties by:
    • Accepting the responsibilities of co-curricular and extra-curricular duties as assigned by administration.
    • Participating in departmental/grade level teams, school level teams and district level committees as requested.
    • Attending school-related functions (e.g. PTA) outside the instructional day.
    • Performing other duties as assigned by the administrator.

Performs other related tasks as assigned by the Superintendent of Education, Assistant Superintendent of Education, and Directors of Curriculum and Federal Programs.
                Note:  The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities.  It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task or responsibility.


Uses standard office equipment such as personal computers, printer, copier and fax machines, calculator and telephone.


Travel to school district buildings, and professional meetings as required. 

Works in standard office and school building environments.
                Note:    Also see the Checklist of Duties for the Physical, Sensory and Environmental Requirements Needed to Perform Essential Functions for this position. 
187-days annually with salary in accordance with the Administrative Salary Schedule as approved by the Harrison County School District.
Performance of the Special Education Teacher will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions in the School Board Policies and Procedures.

FLSA STATUS:     Exempt
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