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Mary Castle Elementary School of International Studies focuses on Student Achievement with Rigor with a globally-minded perspective to meet the diverse student population of about 670 students. At Mary Castle, Each of the 30 classrooms have an opportunity to visit our newly renovated media center each week to check in/out books and also have time for a read aloud or quick mini-lesson.


  1. Assists media specialist to establish a climate within the media center, which stimulates efforts to achieve educational objectives and to utilize the resources of the media center.
  2. Encourages the use of research and experimentation to improve the educational program.
  3. Assists teachers in the improvement of instruction through the recommendation of various media.
  4. Participates in recruiting, selecting, and orienting student assistants.
  5. Supervises media center volunteers and assists in coordinating their duties for the most effective operation.
  6. Maintains accurate and current records and submits required reports promptly as they are assigned.
  7. Assists in the evaluating and selecting new materials for the media center.
  8. Assists patrons in the selection and utilization of media center materials.
  9. Promotes appropriate conduct of students using media center facilities.
  10. Helps to develop habits of independent reference work and skills in the utilization of media center resources.
  11. Plans and conducts an inventory of media center resources as assigned.
  12. Works with scheduled classes.
  13. Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the media specialist assigns and/or administration.

For questions or more information, please contact Mrs. Angie Crousore, Assistant Principal, at or 317-964-4600.

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