Substitute Bus Monitor - Public School Safety Service Officer

Posted 2 years ago
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Job Description
Works under the supervision of the Transportation Supervisor of Providence Schools. This position provides child pedestrian safety by facilitating safe passage of schools children across high traffic streets and intersections. It also entitles to take attendance on a daily basis and to communicate with parents any concerns. This position requires serious commitment to be a Bus Monitor on a bus each school day before and after school hours.

Roles & Responsibilities: 
1.    Assembles children behind curb lines awaiting traffic lulls or signal changes.
2.    Interrupts traffic and escorts children into the streets allowing them to cross safely.
3.    Instruct children in proper procedures for safe street crossing.
4.    Observes vehicle movements and safety permitting, records license number of vehicles whose drivers are jeopardizing Safe Street crossing by operating their vehicles in an unsafe manner and reports them to the Police Department.
5.    Reports students who do not adhere to safe transportation procedures to appropriate school officials.
6.    Must have a viable means of Transportation.
7.    Must have the ability to work in teams.
8.    Performs other duties of similar nature or level. 

Minimum Qualifications:
1.  Must have stamina to stand, walk, go up and down stairs, bend and sit for a long period of time, mobility to escort students across the streets; ability to work out doors in all weather conditions and with exposure to traffic; vision to read printed materials and license plates, and hearing and speech to communicate in person.

2.  Knowledge of basics safety rules; basic safe driving rules and procedures; and techniques for communicating with children and adults.

3.  Ability to obtain attention and cooperation of schools children and other pedestrians; observing and recording license numbers and incident details accurately;  following oral and written directions; and communicating and acting effectively with co-workers, the supervisor, and the general public.

4.  Must have High School Diploma or GED

5.  Must be able to read, write and speak English.


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