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GSRP Paraprofessionals or Associate Teachers are responsible for assisting the GSRP Pre School Teacher in the classroom in any manner that the GSRP Pre School Teacher requests to help assure a quality instructional program.
Position Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Assist GSRP Pre School Teachers with adapting and using learning materials and equipment to meet the needs of individuals with different ability levels, learning styles or language backgrounds.
  2. Assist in presentation of learning materials and instructional exercises in compliance with curriculum for the purpose of supporting and reinforcing classroom goals and objectives.
  3. Support the GSRP Pre School Teacher in the instructional process by administering classroom assignments.
  4. Assist the GSRP Pre School Teacher in evaluating progress of classroom objectives.
  5. Input information into COR.
  6. Report observations and incidents relating to specific students and communicate information to GSRP Pre School Teacher.
  7. Follow directions of supervising GSRP Pre School Teacher.
  8. Tutor and/or assist students individually or in small groups through drills, practice and study activities following presentation of instructional concepts by instructional personnel.
  9. Assist in supervision of students in the classroom, on study trip activities, on the playground, in the lunchroom and in bus duty.
  10. Assist in managing student discipline through use of positive reinforcement strategies.
  11. Assist in maintaining a neat, orderly and attractive learning environment, including, but not limited to designing and displaying bulletin boards and other student work.
  12. Report incidents (e.g. fights, suspected child abuse, suspected substance abuse) for the purpose of maintaining personal safety of students, providing a positive learning environment and adhering to the Code and administrative and/or Academy policies.
  13. Assist in parent conferences if requested by supervising GSRP Pre School Teacher.
  14. Use and apply technology when working with students.
  15. Participate in in-service and training, both required and as agreed upon by the Principal.
  16. Understand and carry out oral and written instructions.
  17. Effectively manage time and tasks that may sometimes have severe time constraints.
  18. Follow directions of supervising GSRP Pre School Teacher and take initiative in providing support to students.
  19. Provide short-term coverage for professional and Para-Educator peers.
  20. Actual roles and responsibilities will vary depending on individual circumstances.
  21. Assist children to develop confidence and competence in all areas of the curriculum.
  22. Assist children to develop responsibility for their own behavior.
  23. Assist children in the development of speaking, writing, reading and listening skills.
  24. Under the direction of the GSRP Pre School Teacher, prepare materials and assist in the delivery of the educational program.
  25. Offer ideas and suggestions to improve the classroom environment where appropriate.
  26. Under supervision of the GSRP Pre School Teacher, work with small groups of students to reinforce material initially introduced by the GSRP Pre School Teacher.
  27. Discuss children’s needs and reactions with the GSRP Pre School Teacher.
  28. Support and maintain the discipline established by the GSRP Pre School Teacher.
  29. Respect the confidentiality of the GSRP Pre School Teacher, students and parents.
  30. Maintain a working knowledge of Academy routines, emergency procedures and Academy discipline policy.
  31. Cover any other assignments as requested by GSRP Pre School Teacher or Principal. 

  1. Must have an associate’s degree in early childhood or child development or a valid Classroom CDA credential.
  2. Meet a rigorous standard of quality and demonstrate, through a formal state or local academic assessment:
    1. Knowledge of, and the ability to assist in, instructing reading, writing and mathematics; or
    2. Knowledge of and the ability to assist in, instructing reading readiness, writing readiness and mathematics readiness, as appropriate.
  3. Meet all requirements established by the DHHS.
  4. Previous classroom aide experience preferred.
  5. Satisfactory criminal background check and unprofessional conduct check as required by School Safety Legislation. 



Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
  1. Knowledge in COR data input and requirment.
  2. Knowledge of age appropriate activities.
  3. Knowledge of basic math, grammar and punctuation.
  4. Knowledge of child development and learning styles.
  5. Skilled in operating classroom equipment.
  6. Ability to schedule activities and collect data.
  7. Ability to maintain confidentiality.
  8. Ability to work with constant interruptions.
  9. Ability to understand complex, multi-step written and oral instructions.
  10. Ability to communicate effectively.
  11. Ability to work in a multi-cultural, urban setting and develop a rapport with students, staff, parents and the community.
  12. Ability to work as a team to facilitate planning activities and assist the GSRP Pre School Teacher in implementing.


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