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The Dearborn Academy, a K-8 Charter School located at 1930 Ford Rd. Dearborn, MI 48128, is seeking Elementary and Middle School Math Teachers. The Dearborn Academy’s mission is to serve a multicultural community through individualized, focused instruction allowing each student to achieve academic excellence and exhibit social responsibility.
Specialist is responsible for planning and coordinating the elementary and/or middle school math program at the school level.
Position Specific Responsibilities
Duties of this position include but are not limited to:

  1. Develop, administer, and/or facilitate assessments to determine student math levels.
  2. Create instructional math plans to match student ability and learning styles.
  3. Guide children through math activities to help them overcome obstacles.
  4. Consult with parents and teachers to recommend at-home strategies to improve math skills.
  5. Assist classroom teachers in planning math programs and instruction.
  6. Assist all teachers with teaching/learning strategies that promote math comprehension.
  7. Model math instruction in elementary and middle school classrooms.
  8. Maintain current and efficient records including the preparation of reports and presentations.
  9. Assist in the creation and implementation of after school math tutoring programs.
  10. Coordinate the school mathematics and primary program both horizontally and vertically.
  11. Assist classroom teachers in planning mathematics program and elementary and/or middle school programs.
  12. Model math instruction in elementary and/or middle school classrooms.
  13. Coordinate the developmental aspects of the elementary and/or middle school programs.
  14. Collaboratively select and coordinating (with the approval of the principal) all math materials used in the classrooms.
  15. Other related duties as assigned by Principal.

Education, Certifications, and Work Related Experience: Qualifications:

  • Bachelors or Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university
  • Elementary/ Middle Level Teacher Certification with EX Endorsement 
  • Masters in Math (preferred)
  • Two years of teaching experience
  • Experience with elementary/middle programs dependent on area of assignment
  • Must meet NCLB Highly Qualified Criteria (Major in content area, or Minor and Passed MTTC exam)


Satisfactory criminal background check and unprofessional conduct check as required by School Safety Legislation conduct check as required by School Safety Legislation


Please email resumes to hr@aimsus.com.


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