Temporary Media Center Teacher (1 Semester)

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Media Center Teacher


  • Teaching Experience
  • Bilingual Perferred

Elementary Media Center Teacher
POSITION PURPOSE: To provide the leadership and expertise required to ensure that the school library media program is aligned with the mission, goals, and objectives of the school and is an integral component of the school’s instructional program.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Create a school “learning community” by developing and administering an integrated school library media program. Instruct students and staff in effective use of the media center, information and technology literacy skills, and use of equipment. Evaluate, select and procure print and digital resources and related equipment. Develop policies and procedures to ensure efficient operation, services, and facility use for a 21st century school library media program. Implement a results-oriented information and technology literacy skills curriculum integrated with subject area curriculum through partnerships with teachers. Provide leadership and guidance for effectively integrating technologies with instruction to create 21st century instructional strategies. Develop knowledge of curriculum in all subject areas. Instruct teachers, administrators, and other staff in the use of new information technologies. Recommend and procure resources for staff for use in meeting their instructional objectives.

REPORTS TO:  District and School Administration 

DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: • Experience with instruction on information and technology literacy skills, including the research process • Communication skills, including the ability to proactively collaborate with students and staff • Knowledge of instructional methods, strategies, and pedagogy • Understanding of student growth and development • Ability to successfully interact with students and staff from various disciplines and with differing skill levels • Familiarity with national and state standards for information and technology literacy, including the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE),

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