Preschool Teacher's Assistant

Posted 3 months ago
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Position Areas
Early Childhood Development/Daycare


Job Description
Title:                            Early Childhood Aide-Part Time Position
Department:               Recreation
Job Summary:             Under the general direction and supervision of the Assistant Superintendent of Recreation, the early childhood aide is responsible for assisting the instructor in all aspects of the early childhood programs.
Qualifications:                        Have received a high school diploma.
Required Knowledge or Traits:

  1. Have a basic knowledge of Park District policies concerning the early childhood programming
  2. A sense of loyalty to the Park District and the early childhood programs
  3. Direct the classroom activities in a positive manner
  4. Ability to be flexible and adaptable to new situations
  5. Ability to maintain self-control and composure in difficult situations
  6. Ability to analyze situations and make sound decisions
  7. Ability to work harmoniously with all employees in all departments within the Park District
  8. Demonstrate a positive and cheerful attitude when working with the children and parents
  9. Ability to work with a good attitude towards coworkers
  10. Ability to be self-motivated to accomplish the early childhood program goals and objectives
  11. Ability to accept the responsibility to be punctual and practice good attendance
  12. Ability to accept constructive criticism or supervision


Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Set up the classroom before each session.
  2. Clean up the classroom at the end of the program.
  3. Assist in cleaning and straightening up early childhood room before and after each class.
  4. Assist in record keeping
    1. Attendance Sheets
    2. Each child’s informational sheet
    3. Individual student records
  5. Prepare daily routine for the students (free play, circle time, etc.)
  6. Keep informed on current teaching trends and incorporate them into the program
  7. Attend seasonal staff meetings
  8. Write and submit any correspondence that will need to be given out to parents (i.e. donations, newsletters, etc.)
  9. Assist with maintaining supplies and equipment so they remain in a safe and workable condition
  10. Assist teachers in areas which they require extra help
  11. Maintain an open parent/instructor relationship by instituting an open door policy
  12. Immediately report any and all major incidents to the Assistant Superintendent of Recreation
The instructor may feel pressure due to:
  1. The responsibility of effective and efficient delivery of services
  2. The need to resolve situations and problems with the children, parents, and staff
  3. Multi-tasking and assistance needed by patrons and parents
Instructors will be exposed to many activities that may require, including but not limited to: prolonged standing, prolonged sitting, kneeling, squatting, walking, reaching, bending, and lifting 1-25 pounds.



  1. Must be able to work independently
  2. Must be able to communicate verbally and in writing, following directions, and read and speak English
  3. Must possess time management and organizational skills to effectively perform all job responsibilities
  4. Must possess good problem solving skills and have the capability to act rationally and calmly in emergency situations
  5. Must be able to represent the Park District of La Grange in a professional manner
  6. Must be able to make judgments with respect to confidentiality of information and problem solving
  7. Must exhibit good safety awareness and judgment in all aspects of the position

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