Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDTC) (#1021332)

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PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Prepares, monitors and meets with parents concerning the Individual Education Plan (IEP) for each child. 2. Provides appropriate assessment and evaluation of each child's program. 3. Submits required testing and updates information in a timely fashion. 4. Provides parents and teachers with suggestions on how to be effective with Specific Learning Disability students. 5. Uses technology. 6. Uses effective positive interpersonal communication skills. 7. Uses appropriate instruction strategies and materials that reflect each student's culture. 8. Adheres to all federal, state and district regulations, policies and procedures. 9. Monitors students in a testing environment. 10. Participates in the evaluation, classification and placement of all pupils with special needs. 11. Assesses academic proficiency and learning characteristics of each pupil referred to the child study team for evaluation and interprets the findings in written reports and informal conferences. 12. Assists in the development and coordination of an appropriate individualized education plan for each pupil requiring special education and/or related services. 13. Participates in ongoing assessment of academic achievement and educational placement of classified pupils. 14. Consults with classroom teachers, administrators and parents regarding special instructional methods and/or materials necessary to meet the specific needs of individual pupils. 15. Keeps up-to-date in the field of learning disabilities and with current regulations governing the education of pupils with disabilities. 16. Participates in the development and delivery of in- service p rog ram s and parent seminars related to learning disabilities and effective teaching methods. 17. Serves as a case manager as assigned and maintains appropriate case records. Maintains professional competence through in-service education and other profession al growth activities. 18. Performs all duties, including the logons of the Special Education Medicaid Initiative (SEMI) services, now required by federal law and the NJDOE. 19. Works with teachers to build into the curriculum learning experiences that enable students to see the connection between their school studies and post-high school goals. 20. Works with district staff to enhance the articulation for students between the school programs and post-secondary programs of study. 21. Assures that current curriculum integration research is incorporated in the total instructional program. 22. Assists teachers who are teaching applied academic classes to locate resources and . materials and coordinate their respective programs with related vocational programs where applicable. 23. Assists teachers to infuse a variety of technologies into the instructional program. 24. Organizes, coordinates, implements, and maintains the instructional programs so that they are consistent with the total educational philosophy of the district. 25. Continues professional growth through educational meetings, visiting related facilities, reading professional literature, and exchanging ideas among the district staff. 26. Works with the school staff and district staff to coordinate the goals of the district school task force with the school programs. 27. Assists teachers to select, develop, and prepare appropriate curriculum materials. 28. Assists with the development of student outcomes and appropriate learning environments for the restructured school. 29. Assists in the identification and use of technological delivery systems. 30. Provides follow-up to assist classroom teachers in the application of curriculum and instructional/learning/classroom assessment strategies, instructional technology and utilization of test data. 31. Evaluates IEP progress on a regular basis and provides feedback to district staff. 32. Completes appropriate reports as required. 33. Assists in providing information concerning the IEP's to school staff and parents. 34. Provide for a safe and secure workplace. 35. Follow attendance, punctuality and proper dress rules. 36. Maintain positive relationships with staff, parents and students. 37. Participate in workshops and training sessions as required. 38. Prepare all required reports and maintain all appropriate records. 39. Follow all School Board policies, rules and regulations. 40. Exhibit interpersonal skills to work as an effective team member. 41. Performs other duties and related responsibilities as directed by the immediate supervisor.

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State Average: 12.25

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State Average: 4.88

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State Average: 16%



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