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Special Education


Multi-purpose position to provide assistance to the Pre-Vocational Department.  Duties include providing on-the-job training and support to adolescents transitioning into the work environment, communicating with student employers, and performing secretarial duties such as maintaining records and scheduling.   Ability to travel, computer skills, and experience with special needs population are required.

1.  Assist students in the STEP Program to learn:

  1. Tasks needed to perform satisfactorily on the job
  2. Good work habits such as punctuality, attendance, and time management
  3. To identify errors and how to correct them without undue emotional stress
  4. Appropriate behaviors towards supervisor and co-workers
  5. Call-in procedures when absent
2.  Provide instruction and technical assistance to STEP students by:
  1. Breaking down and modeling complicated tasks into manageable units
  2. Designing opportunities to practice specific skills
  3. Creating a work environment where the student can make incremental successes and build on that success
  4. Providing comments of positive reinforcement for tasks completed properly and constructive criticism where appropriate
  5. Accompanying STEP students (as needed) to job interviews, job shadow experiences, vocational field trips, etc.
  6. Modeling good work skills and attitudes.
  7. Identifying needed accommodations and adaptations.
  8. Reinforcing and modeling good work habits and attitudes as appropriate for the student.
  9. Encouraging independence and reduction of prompts and assistance.
  10. Identifying problem behaviors that could be barriers to employment and develop strategies to reduce, modify, or eliminate these behaviors.
  11. Communicating concerns related to the student’s work
  12. Serving as a liaison to other workers to help them adjust and accept the work of the student
  13. Participating in the ongoing development and revision of training plans for the student
  14. Collect data to monitor student’s work rate, quality and technique.
  15. Monitoring student’s progress, complete daily/weekly and quarterly reports/logs to school staff and/or STEP coordinator.
  16. Problem solving with employer, school staff, and STEP coordinator to ensure overall student success.
  17. Attending IEP meetings for STEP or potential STEP students.
  18. Performing other pertinent duties as assigned by Vocational Coordinator/Transition Specialist and Assistant Director
  1. Develop and maintain records for STEP program and Vocational Coordinator/Transition Specialist.
  2. Dispose of outdated records according to state guidelines.
  3. Mail correspondence to parents, students, and employers.
  4. Obtain and process time sheets from employees/employers. 
  5. Respond to all requests for accessing, copying, reviewing, inspecting, amending, destroying, and storing STEP and transition-related records.
  6. Follow procedures for Release of Information.
  7. Ensure confidentiality of all records at collections, storage, disclosure, and destruction stages
  8. Maintain accurate and current student lists by each school and employer.
  9. Perform other pertinent duties as assigned by Pre-Vocational Coordinator/Transition Specialist and Assistant Director.

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Amount per Student

State Average: $13,341

% ELL Students

State Average: 10%

Student Teacher Ratio

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