Region 10-Southeast Service Coop


Region 10-Southeast Service Coop


Independent School District #203 is a district composed of the communities of Brownsdale, Hayfield, Oslo, Sargeant, and Waltham. Its boundaries span an area of 200 square miles from Rochester in the northeast and to Austin in the southwest. The school system involves approximately 900 students and 65 teachers. Students in the Hayfield Community Schools are taught in a "person-centered" environment. The school's philosophy stresses the importance of the student's academic, social and emotional development with the emphasis on the student's need to feel successful and important. The faculty and staff are expected to be sensitive to needs and problems and to be understanding. Instruction is on a continuous-progress basis and is designed to promote independence on the part of; the student as he/she progress from kindergarten through grade 12.

Mission Statement

To provide a safe learning environment that challenges, inspires, and prepares students for life. Aim 1: High Student Achievement Goal 1: Students will meet/exceed district and state academic standards. Goal 2: Increase student participation in academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities. Goal 3: Parents/Guardians are expected to have an active part in fostering the student’s achievement. Aim 2: Safe and Respectful Learning Community Goal 1: Students and staff will welcome and respect all individuals. Goal 2: Students and staff will learn and work in a safe and healthy environment. Aim 3: Efficient and Effective Operations Goal 1: Attract and retain a high performing workforce. Goal 2: Ensure responsible fiscal management. Goal 3: Implement and incorporate continuous improvement at all levels of the organization. Aim 4: Community Involvement Goal 1: Increase opportunities for community involvement. Goal 2: Improve external communication. Goal 3: Improve community understanding of school operations. Goal 4: Improve Viking Pride

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Region 10-Southeast Service Coop