Lakeland City School District


Lakeland City School District


Lakeland School System is embarking on a journey (building a new school system from the ground up) that very few communities have undertaken in the last fifty years. The qualities required to lead this new system are the same qualities we want our children to possess: - Commitment to Continuous Learning - Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual Growth - Leadership Like the famous explorers of old used stars to navigate at sea, we will use the guiding principal of “child benefits” to make decisions and measure our progress.

Mission Statement

Learn. Grow. Lead.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

Opportunity for employment, as well as continuation and advancement in employment, shall be afforded equally to members of all races, creeds, colors, genders, religions, ages, national origins, and individuals with disabilities or veteran status with regard only for qualification for the positions involved.

Lakeland City School District

10001 Hwy 70, Lakeland, TN 38002