Farmington Public School District


Farmington Public School District


The Farmington Public Schools is a suburban district located in Farmington Minnesota serving grades K-12 with a Kindergarten center, three elementary schools, two middle schools, and a high school.

Mission Statement

Excellence, integrity, innovation: The community of Farmington Area Schools empowers individuals to meet life's challenges and opportunities. OUR BELIEFS: In relationship to and as a direct result of our Mission, the Farmington Area Schools believe the following: Excellence in education is achieved by focusing the district's energies toward graduation outcomes of significance. All individuals can learn and that learning is a lifelong process. Every learner should be challenged to reach her/his fullest potential. OUR OPERATING PRINCIPLES: Because we accept and affirm the above mission and belief statements, the following operational principles will be followed within our district: Our school buildings will be places where individuals care about people and their needs. We hold all of our actions accountable to the highest standards of honesty, trustworthiness and integrity. We encourage innovation, eliminate fear of failure, and foster a learning environment which not only accepts but encourages risk taking. We encourage and support the involvement of all citizens in our schools and all learners in our community. We empower all individuals to participate in the decision making process; in so doing, we will increase our achievements and accountability.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Farmington Public School District