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Ashland School District


Welcome to the School District of Ashland where we are working to create a rewarding educational experience for every student. To accomplish this vision we are providing the most innovative instruction to make learning relevant and encourage a strong desire to learn. Every student has gifts and we help young people recognize their gifts and learn to nurture them. Our teachers, administrators, and support staff are committed to providing all students with a high quality education and learning environment through the use of researched and proven instructional practices; on-going assessment and feedback to students and parents about learning; and collaborative and responsive partnerships with students and parents. · To support the most innovative instruction, the district added Smartboard technology into every classroom in time for schools to open in the Fall of 2010. · Also, beginning in the Fall of 2011, students will have expanded opportunities for on-line coursework. These courses can supplement our existing curriculum or are even offered as a full-time home-schooling option with the benefits of participation in co-curricular activities. · To help us understand the effectiveness of all of our programs, we will begin using a new data analysis warehouse beginning in the winter of 2011. · To aide in the understanding of our students’ progress, the district uses Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) testing. These assessments help staff, students and parents track academic growth by testing students’ knowledge and skills three times per year and sharing this data with families. The School District of Ashland is constantly looking for new ways to serve our students and the community. Feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement The School District of Ashland exists to provide our children with an education that will empower them to be successful in today's complex and ever-changing society. The district will enable staff to nurture students of varied cultural and social backgrounds, and allow those students to achieve their full intellectual and social potential. Vision Statement The School District of Ashland, in partnership with the community, will provide the most innovative learning opportunities to empower our students to succeed. By the district's actions and efforts, we will encourage the desire to learn and make education relevant to personal and community growth.

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Ashland School District

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