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Mabton School District


Mabton School District, serving a small farming community located in the heart of the Yakima Valley in Central Washington, offers academic rigorous learning environments to each one of its more than 900 students. Serving a largely Hispanic community, Mabton School District prides itself on promoting and creating higher education opportunities for its students. The district’s Mabton Senior High School can boast being one of four national high schools to be recognized for excellence in school reform by the National Association of Secondary School Principals’ Break-through High School Project, a nationally recognized high school administrator, a Washington State Teacher of the Year and National Teacher of the Year Finalist. Mabton is also home to an outstanding Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation academic achievement program, which as resulted in seeing nearly 96 percent of its high school graduates reporting college as the next step in their education. As part of its dedication to creating an academic rigorous learning environment at its three schools, the Mabton School District annually hosts town hall meetings to solicit the community’s input as its develops curriculum and policies to meet the challenge of educating Mabton’s children. The district prides itself on keeping focused increasing mutual respect among students, staff, and community, increasing homework support, providing more opportunities for parents to meet with staff, creating better in-school and community communications, encouraging and students to take personal responsibility for their educations and providing relevant after school activities. Continued Progress to All Minority Communities of Mabton S.D. #120, 306 N. Main, PO Box 37, Mabton, WA 98935. The Mabton S.D. #120 complies with all state and federal rules and regulations and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, or disability. This holds true for all district employment and opportunities. Inqui

Mission Statement

Mabton School District #120 - Mission Statement The mission of the Mabton School District is to work in partnership with students, parents, and our community to support life long learning through academic achievement, athletics and the arts. "Partners In Excellence"

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Mabton School District

306 N MAIN, MABTON, WA 98935-0037