Warren County Public Schools


Warren County Public Schools


Warren County is located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, approximately one hour west of Washington, DC at the intersections of Interstates 66 and 81. We are a rural school system located in a valley full of history and outdoor adventures. We have 5 elementary schools, a middle school and a two high school. Our student population is approximately 5200. The pupil/teacher ratio at the elementary level is 19/1 and at the secondary is 22/1. We offer 3 days of new teacher orientation prior to other professional staff reporting, as well as a new teacher mentoring program and an extensive professional development workshop portfolio offered system wide.

Mission Statement

The mission of Warren County Public Schools is to provide a quality educational opportunity for every student to achieve their highest academic learning potential, develop positive core values reflective of our community, and enter higher education and or the workforce. We will strive to deliver an educational program respected state wide through the commitment and expertise of qualified school administrators, teachers, and school staff. We will provide required instructional resources and current technology. We will seek to achieve this mission through community support, active parental involvement, and business partnerships. GOALS The educational goals of Warren County Public Schools are to: Improve the academic performance of every student and prepare them for higher education and or the workforce Teach the core values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, trust, and loyalty Ensure schools are uncrowded, safe, and disciplined learning environments Seek every opportunity to use current technology and required resources to deliver an education program which meets today's needs Provide services to our communities, parents, citizens, and business partners Ensure school administrators and teachers are qualified and have the opportunity for ongoing professional development Provide a public education program which is respected state wide and accountable to the citizens of Warren County

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

The Warren County School Board does not discriminate on The basis of sex, religion, disability, race, color or national origin AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER

Warren County Public Schools

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