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Martinsville City Public Schools


Welcome to Martinsville City Public Schools, a school system of excellence educating 1980 students in grades PK-12. Our school system prides itself in our commitment to providing a rigorous academic curriculum and comprehensive arts, music and sports programs. Our students participate in the International Baccalaureate program, the Piedmont Regional Governor’s School, the NASA Aerospace Education Lab and ACE associate degree program for high school students. We offer band, art, and foreign language instruction beginning at the elementary level and have a comprehensive K-12 gifted education program. Martinsville High School students have the opportunity to complete community internships with many local professionals, business leaders and with the medical community. These programs could not happen without the professionalism and support of our teachers, administrators and support personnel who work tirelessly to meet the diverse needs of our students. Martinsville City Public Schools is also glad to offer a broad range of programs and services for students who would benefit from additional support or challenge and/or be taught in an alternative learning model. We take satisfaction in our inclusive programs for children with disabilities, our full-day 3- and 4-year-old preschool program staffed by fully licensed teachers that sets the stage for life long learning success, and district-wide programs for special student interests including art mentorships, robotics, chess teams, and Odyssey of the Mind. We also offer a comprehensive and award winning competitive sports program for middle and high school students. We are very fortunate to have a supportive community that values the importance of educating children and providing them the experiences and resources needed to be successful learners prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Partnerships with the YMCA, the Piedmont Art Association, Boys and Girls Club, Chamber of Commerce, Virgin

Mission Statement

Martinsville City Public Schools: A place where learning has no limits and academic excellence is measured one child at a time. Mission Statement: Martinsville City Public Schools provides exemplary programs that embrace the diversity of our students. Our programs establish high standards and expectations for learning, measure student performance, provide accountability to the public, and promote a culture of lifelong learning. Our Core Beliefs: 1. Learning is the heart and soul of what we do; 2. All children are unique individuals with special gifts and talents; 3. Teaching is hard work in an organization where all children are expected to learn at high levels; 4. All people in the organization, both children and adults, should be valued and respected; 5. Risk taking, problem solving, teamwork, creativity and a sense of humor are traits we embrace; 6. The community is our “customer” and ideas and opinions are listened to and acted upon. 7. We recognize that a positive relationship between adults and students is vital to the learning process.

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Martinsville City Public Schools

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