Highland County Public Schools


Highland County Public Schools


In Highland County, we thrive on clean air, pure water, spectacular scenery and the warmth of considerate neighbors and friends. We are known for our quiet, calm, and clean community, a place with a certain sense of security, as well as our exceptional educational system. Highland County’s Public School System is unique in its size, student population, and beautiful surroundings. In total, the Highland County Public School System nurtures the minds of approximately 300 students in grades K-12 in one building with a full time staff of approximately 70 individuals. We are one of the 30 counties in Virginia that is fully accredited by the Virginia Department of Education Standards of Learning, and one of the 18 divisions in Virginia that has achieved Acceptable Yearly Progress (AYP) under the No Child Left Behind legislation. Our public school system has an expenditure of $10,272 per pupil. Located in “Virginia’s Little Switzerland”, Highland is arguably one of the most beautiful parts of the Appalachian Mountains. We provide not only a quality education, but also a virtually safe and stress free environment that fosters academic excellence and creativity. Highland County prides itself in developing academically and morally upright citizens. Our community embraces its youth and supports our schools in many ways. Citizens pack the stands to cheer on our athletes; provide projects for our career and technical curriculum areas; support fundraising opportunities; and award many scholarships to students who plan to continue their education. Our facilities are state-of-the-art. There is at least one networked computer in every classroom. There is also one computer lab available for the elementary and middle schools, and two computer labs (one wireless) available to the high school. There is a computer networked Distance Learning Lab (DLL) capable of two-way video conferences where students take advantage of courses that are not offered within our curriculum includin

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If you are looking for an educational environment that is close to ideal, where students are known by name and receive individualized attention, and where education is highly valued by all members of our professional learning community, then Highland County may be the choice for you.

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Highland County Public Schools

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