Brunswick County Public Schools


Brunswick County Public Schools


Nestled between the sandy east coast beaches and the beautiful western Blue Ridge mountains and sandwiched between two metropolitan centers to the north and south, one can enjoy quiet country living with quick access to commerce and culture. We are a small rural school division that educates approximately 2400 students. Each teacher is assigned a mentor teacher who meets regularly with the new teacher. We also have a monthly new teacher group session when a variety of topics are discussed along with question and answer period.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Brunswick County Public Schools is to provide an educational program and staff to develop 21st century citizens who can achieve full development of their potential. In order to develop this potential, we must nurture lifelong learning and critical thinking skills and we must prepare our students to meet the challenges of change in real-life situations. The fulfillment of this mission is guided by the knowledge that student success requires a shared responsibility and cooperation by students, school personnel, parents, and community. We believe that: *we can teach every child. *every child can learn. *every child is unique and has a right to be. *every child can contribute to society. *children will meet our expectations. *knowledge is power. *given knowledge and opportunity our students can shape their own futures.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Brunswick County Public Schools

1718 Farmer's Field Road, Lawrenceville, VA 23868