Bristol Virginia Public Schools


Bristol Virginia Public Schools


The Bristol Virginia School Division is comprised of four pre-K/Kindergarten through 5th grade elementary schools, one grades 6-8 middle school, and a grades 9-12 comprehensive high school. All schools are fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and are fully SOL accredited by the Virginia Department of Education. All schools in the division, with the exception of Virginia Middle School met AYP for 2007-2008. Virginia Middle School met 27 of 29 benchmarks as reported by NCLB. The division's annual budget (2007-2008) is $24,621,328.61 with a per pupil expenditure of $10,690. A full array of educational offerings is available at all levels, including special education, gifted education, and Tech Prep. Each elementary school has a networked computer lab which provides opportunities for individualized instruction and content enrichment. The Virginia Middle School offers French and Spanish as well as Algebra I and Geometry. Three computer labs are available. All schools have outstanding art and music classes taught by specialists. Virginia High School offers the International Baccalaureate Program, AP classes in English, computer science, history, science, and math, Tech Prep classes, honors classes, as well as outstanding career and technical offerings, such as marketing, culinary arts, and criminal justice. More than 75% of the graduates continue their education in two or four-year colleges. Class sizes average approximately 17 students at the elementary level, 15 at the middle school level, and 17 at the high school level.

Mission Statement

"It is the aim of the Bristol Virginia School Division to provide a range of programs, classes, and pupil services which accommodate the ability levels and individual needs of the pupils, to the end that each pupil may fully develop his mental, emotional, and physical potentialities, and recognize his own dignity and value as an individual and his responsibilities in a free society." -- Philosophy Bristol Virginia School Division

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Bristol Virginia Public Schools

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