Pawtucket Public Schools


Pawtucket Public Schools


Our fifteen schools and supporting locations are the heart of the school department providing safe places for students to learn and explore as we help them develop into educated and responsible young men and women. Educating over 9,000 students in two high schools, three junior high schools, and ten elementary schools, the administration, faculty, and staff of the Pawtucket School Department strives for excellence in instruction and learning.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pawtucket School Department, a culturally diverse community, working with its partners to overcome its significant economic and infrastructure challenges, is to provide for all students, prior to graduation, the ability to proficiently: Academic Expectations · Read effectively for a variety of purposes · Write effectively for a variety of purposes · Listen attentively, speak and convey intelligently, and view critically · Present oral reports and/or make presentations using a variety of media · Analyze problems and determine a course of action using a variety of skills and strategies · Apply critical and analytical thinking for a variety of purposes · Demonstrate content knowledge through content specific, performance-based and project-based assessments · Access information and apply technology to enhance the learning process Social Expectations · Promote, celebrate, and respect diversity · Develop skills, competencies and qualities to succeed personally and professionally Civic Expectations · Demonstrate personal responsibility for good citizenship We will employ a flexible academic model that incorporates standards-based instruction integrated with career paths, provide integrated support services and advocacy, and utilize the total network of resources available to the community in safe and appropriate facilities.

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Pawtucket Public Schools

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