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Established in 1934, P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School is a public school district affiliated with the University of Florida and located on its campus. The school serves approximately 1,150 students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. The school is designed as a special school district under Florida Department of Education funding and is given the responsibility to develop innovative solutions to educational concerns in the state and to disseminate successful instructional programs to other school districts. As a developmental research school, P.K. Yonge works closely with members of the College of Education on a variety of projects aimed at enhancing student accomplishments at all grade levels and in all subject areas. P.K. Yonge received a school grade of "A" for the 2005-06 school year, a challenge the school has met for five consecutive years. P.K. Yonge has also met all 30 criteria for the No Child Left Behind Act. Our persistent focus on providing a well-rounded program for our students continues to be reinforced by success in all areas. + We are an 'A' school as determined by the Department of Education for the seventh year in a row. + We are the most successful athletic program in the state in our classification as determined by the FHSAA. + We have an exemplary visual and performing arts program and were honored by the Florida Music Association for our high participation in music classes. + We received the Golden School Award for volunteer hours for the sixth year in a row. One of the important factors to ensure a successful school is a faculty that is continuously learning. Our faculty not only has a much higher percentage of advanced degrees, we also are involved with attending and presenting at various conferences.

Mission Statement

P.K. Yonge, a unit in the College of Education of the University of Florida, was established in 1934 to be a center of educational innovation for students, K-12. The primary role of the school is to develop, evaluate, and disseminate exemplary programs of education. As described in the Sidney Martin Developmental Research School Act, the mission of a Developmental Research School is to serve as a vehicle for research, demonstration, and evaluation regarding teaching and learning while utilizing the resources available on a state university campus. P.K. Yonge has served such a role in the past and will continue to fulfill the mission of research, demonstration, and evaluation in the future. P.K. Yonge teachers clearly communicate high expectations for academic achievement and responsible behavior to students. They see their primary responsibility as establishing an appropriate atmosphere for learning so that each student can achieve in accordance with the high standards of the school. Consistency distinguishes instructors at P.K. Yonge - consistency in applying rules, in providing feedback to students and parents, in good classroom management, and in high expectations of student success. Teachers at the school are professional and recognize and accept the responsibility as role models, motivators, and communicators. This professionalism manifests itself in behavior, appearance, and attitude.

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