E.L. Haynes PCS


E.L. Haynes PCS


E.L. Haynes Public Charter School was founded in 2004 and has an award-winning program based on effective practices for advancing student achievement. E.L. Haynes is among the top-performing charter schools in Washington D.C., and is recognized locally and nationally as a model and for our exceptional student achievement gains. E.L. Haynes currently serves over 900 students in grades PreK-10 and continues to grow until it serves PreK-12th grade. E.L. Haynes draws staff from around the city and across the country. We are enticed by the school’s energy, energized by the passion of our colleagues, and inspired by the work of our students. So what makes this place so special? Here are just a few reasons E.L. Haynes is the place to be. - E.L. Haynes Lives Our Motto: Be Kind | Work Hard | Get Smart. Our staff and students care for one another and assume best intentions. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellent achievement for every student, and we model hard work for them. The result? We are one of the top-performing schools in DC, named as a Tier One School by the DC Public Charter School Board, and the recipient of local and national recognition for our program and results. - E.L. Haynes is Washington, DC's first and currently only year-round public school. This means quarterly breaks for teachers, the opportunity for instructional staff to earn more money by teaching fun intersession classes, enrichment and less summer learning loss for our students, and a calendar that serves working families. - E.L. Haynes has one of the most diverse student bodies in DC. We have diversity in race (approximately 52% African-American, 28% Latino, 12% Caucasian, and 8% Asian/Native American/Pacific Islander), socioeconomic status (approximately 66% low income), and in home language (approximately 23% English Language Learners with more than 15 languages spoken by Haynes families). - E.L. Haynes is Tackling the Achievement Gap with Powerful Work on Race and Equity.

Mission Statement

Every E.L. Haynes student of every race, socioeconomic status, ability level, and home language will reach high levels of academic achievement and be prepared to succeed at the college of his or her choice. Every E.L. Haynes student will be adept at mathematical reasoning, will use scientific methods effectively to frame and solve problems, and will develop the lifelong skills needed to be successful individuals, active community members, and responsible citizens.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

E.L. Haynes is an equal opportunity employer, offering competitive salaries and benefits. Spanish speakers and persons of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

E.L. Haynes PCS

3600 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010