Vail Unified District


Vail Unified District


Founded in 1903, the Vail School District was once a ranching community with a one-room schoolhouse. Now, over one hundred years later, the Vail School District continues to serve the community with the old-fashioned values of hard work and high standards, but in modern mediums and with up-to-date methods. Because the Vail/SE Tucson region of Southern Arizona has experienced immense residential and commercial growth over the past decade, the Vail School District is now one of the fastest growing districts in Arizona. At present, the Vail School District has five elementary schools, three middle schools, two comprehensive high schools, an alternative high school, and two charter schools. 9,000 students are currently enrolled in grades K-12. By the year 2010, that number will likely jump to over 10,000 students. The District has won countless awards, achieved honors, and been highlighted across the country, but none of these accomplishments could have taken place without the people who make up the VSD staff. The 1600+ employees of the Vail School District are truly the flesh and blood on the skeleton of curricular endeavors and academic programs. The District strives to hire only the very best teachers and staff members – people who are forward-thinking innovators, diplomatic leaders, and strong communicators.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Vail School District to provide parents with safe and nurturing school communities, where their children can obtain a quality education.

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement


Vail Unified District

13801 E. Benson Highway, Vail, AZ 85641