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Ambassador Academy


Ambassador Academy, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is a charter elementary school. During our first year of operation, our first Terra Nova tests were taken by the Academy's first grade in the 2007-2008 school year. First graders' scores in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics were higher than both state and national levels! Ambassador Academy has the responsibility of providing a stimulating and safe learning environment for the children. We also have the responsiility of informing parents/caregivers, in a variety of ways, with information on their children's progress . Finally, for the purpose of facilitating their child's learning process, we have also assumed the responsibility of providing parent/family workshops to assist families in their parenting and family/child skills . Our families' responsibilities are to send their children to school ready to learn; to provide them with a learning space at home to review and practice skills; to attend teacher/parent conferences; to attend at least 3 workshops a year, and to work with us as partners in their children's learning process. Our parents also serve on various school committees in order to enchance the social and educational experience of the students.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare successful future leaders of society. Ambassador Academy prepares students through academic excellence and strong leadership character development. We offer a quality standards-based curriculum within a school culture where everyone believes in and is accountable for the students’ ability to succeed. Ambassador Academy will graduate students who have learned to form partnerships with others while working to realize their goals

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Ambassador Academy

3820 E. Ray Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85044