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Citizens of The World Charter


Citizens of the World Charter Schools Kansas City originated in the living rooms of Midtown (KC) parents in 2013. These families led a grassroots effort in the hopes of creating high-performing, diverse neighborhood schools that would provide high-quality options for the growing number of families who wanted to stay and raise their children in Midtown. In September 2013, MCSI issued a national request for proposals (RFP), soliciting partners with the capacity and willingness to launch and operate high-performing schools with a racially, culturally and socioeconomically diverse student population. Inspired by the vision of the MCSI families, Citizens of the World Charter Schools (CWC Schools) engaged with MCSI and, in November 2013 submitted a proposal to launch a K-12 school in Midtown Kansas City. In February 2014, MCSI selected CWC Schools as their partner organization. In CWC Schools, a national not-for-profit network of diverse, academically rigorous, free public schools, MCSI found a partner aligned in purpose, values and educational approach. CWC Kansas City will open our schools for the 2016-2017 school year serving grades K-1, then adding a grade each year until we are full capactiy at K-12 with over 1,800 students! CWC Kansas City will provide a socioeconomically, culturally and racially diverse community of students in Midtown Kansas City with an intellectually challenging, experiential learning environment that develops each student’s potential, as individuals and as citizens of the world in which we live. We aim to provide a high-quality education for all students from kindergarten to grade twelve, laying the foundation for future school, professional, and personal success. By drawing on one of Midtown’s greatest assets - the diversity of the people who call it home - we seek to ensure that all members of the Midtown area are welcome and active participants in our school, creating a hub for community activity that truly reflects and embraces the ethnic, racial and socioeconomic diversity of the neighborhood. With exceptional leadership at all levels and opportunities to participate in interactive, rigorous learning experiences with students from all backgrounds, our school will prepare students for success in college, a diverse society and a global economy. CWC Kansas City’s work is undergirded by three philosophical foundations - Understanding, Connection and Diversity.

Mission Statement

The mission of CWC Kansas City is to provide an excellent public education focused on developing and demonstrating understanding while building connections within a diverse community.

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Citizens of The World Charter